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Getting Started on Computer Repair ¶ 

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Computer Upgrading vs Repairing vs Buying New ¶ 

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Computer System Maintenance ¶ 

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Computer System Cleaning ¶ 

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Computer Motherboards ¶ 

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A Motherboard Tour ¶ 

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Internal computer bus interfaces ¶ 

Hard Drives ¶ 

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Enabling DMA Mode Transfers ¶ 

Hard Drive Troubleshooting ¶ 

Optical Drives ¶ 

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Wireless Networking Standards ¶ 

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Computer Cases ¶ 

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Computer Power Supplies and Protection ¶ 

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Computer Power Supplies ¶ 

Choosing a Computer Power Supply ¶ 

Computer Power Protection ¶ 

I need a detailed wiring diagram for a Dell XPS 420 PC.

Teddy Rose - 返信

My Lenovo yoga 11s idea pad says connect drive. (File history drive).

My hand started twitching while on the mouse. I was in desktop properties. Then all of a sudden I couldn't connect to WiFi, half my icons were gone and it keeps telling me to connect the drive. Plus alot of error messages . Was trying to learn about the cloud , I believe.

Shellie Morris - 返信


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