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==モデル 認識 ==

お持ちのMacBook Proのモデルを確認するのは難しいです。 同じモデル番号でも様々なプロセッサーの構造が異なります。お持ちのMacBookのモデルをご存知であっても、念のため ラップトップ番号認識システム で今一度ご確認ください。


The MacBook Pro laptop was first introduced in January 2006; it replaced the PowerBook G4, Apple's earlier professional line of laptops. The original MacBook Pro model came in an aluminum enclosure, a trend that continues with this line of laptops today.

After more than two years and numerous incremental upgrades, Apple announced a completely new MacBook Pro model in October 2008, dubbed the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody. The MacBook 15" Unibody is a distinct update of the original MacBook Pro, packing all the previous features of the Pro into a more stylish and lighter weight aluminum enclosure.




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