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Check out our Dell Inspiron 3542 Troubleshooting page for helpful tips on common issues.

Background and Identification


Method 1:

A sticker with model name is on device near bottom cover, screen, or keyboard.

Method 2:

Using search box type " Support Assist". Open application and model name is on main screen of the application.

Method 3

Using search box type " System ". Under settings select System. Look for the model of your computers name under system.


There is a built-in webcam, memory card reader, wireless connectivity, optical drive, and bluetooth version 4.0. The display size and type is 15.6 LED with a pixel density of 71 PPI. The processor type is Intel i5 4210U and the battery is a 4-Cell Lithium Ion. The RAM type is DDR3L SDRAM.

Known Failures

There have been issues with the internal hard disk drive not being found, battery problems, and RAM card/startup issues.

Dell Inspiron 3542 FAQ

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Motherboard Removal and Installation


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