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For more information regarding common troubleshooting issues, check out the

Dell Inspiron 14R-5421 Troubleshooting.

The Dell inspiron 14R 5421 has a third gen i5-3317U processor. The Inspiron 14R with 6-cell battery features 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ processors in a sleek design that’s 8 percent thinner than the 2011 model. it also has a 500 gb hard drive with 4 gb of ram. one of its main defining features is the cd drive and optional touch screen configuration.

But one way to be sure that you have the right model is by checking the model number on the back of your device and making sure its the same as the one listed here.

Dell: Dell Inspiron 14R-5421 Manufacturing Page

Dell: Dell Inspiron 14R-5421 specifications

Dell: Dell Inspiron 14R-5421 User Manual


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