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Background and Identification

The Samsung S760 is a high resolution digital camera released in December 2007. Equipped with a 7.2 megapixels camera, 3x optical zoom, Samsung SHD Lens, 2.4-inch LCD screen, and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS). The camera is powered by 2 AA batteries and contains 11 MB of internal memory. However, external memory SD cards are utilized as a primary storage system. It is a compact camera approximately 3.7 x 2.4 x 1.0 in.(93 x 62 x 27 mm) in size.

The S760 is a sturdy, user-friendly device, and back when it was still marketed, it was particularly popular among beginning photographers. The picture and video/audio quality are remarkable for a decade old camera. Its versatility and reliability make this device worth preserving.

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