One Fan is Always On

I have had a series of problems trying to get this machine back up and running again. First (original) board just stopped working. Second board (first replacement) had a GPU that overheated and caused a shutdown. Now this one has an always-on-fan problem.

I don’t think it’s the cable. Likely the new board.

Anything you can recommend to try to prevent me from having to send this one back?

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In the original post, you mentioned only one fan spins all the time. Which one? I would also try downloading TG Pro and see if it will allow you to control the speed of that fan.


Thanks @Alisha C.

It is ONE fan only - the left one, which was left in situ during the board replacement (the right one is removed to replace the power key.

The fab is not controllable with Macs Fans control utility and remains on even if you remove the controller cable from the motherboard.

Not sure if this indicates that it is the fan itself given that it must get power from elsewhere.

My conclusion is that it’s the board itself. and am about to replace it (for the third time!!)

I’ll post a comment cam here with an update.


Here’s the software to help you diagnose things TG Pro it’s worth it!


I did try Macs Fans control which demonstrated that it wasn't possible to control the speed.

I eventually replaced the board with another 2nd hand one and it worked a treat. The board is probably fixable, but not with my skills.


@djb30136 - Give TG Pro a try. It will not bias one fan, both will be treated at the same RPM.