Nokia N900 Troubleshooting

I press everything and the screen does not respond.

Before ripping your phone apart, think about the last app that was installed; try connecting your phone to your computer and removing that app.

Sometimes the calibration is changed whether by the phone's age or a change in settings, again before tearing into your phone try to get into the settings and recalibrate the screen that way.

If the screen goes black but still has haptic feedback (vibration on touch) then it could be a software issue see bad app above. If there is no haptic feedback make sure the phone did not simply die charge it for while and try using the phone again. If the phone is not dead there may be an underlying hardware issue with the internal components of the touch screen caused by a drop or the phone's age.

My phone won't charge or only charges at certain angles

Test the phone's USB cord on a different product that has the same end connections to see if the cord is faulty.

Most common reason for the USB problems. Pushing the cord in harder does nothing to help this will only damage the phone more instead the USB port will need to remounted.

If the above solutions failed then the USB port itself is faulty and will need to be replaced. Replace USB guide.

My phone does not slide anymore it gets stuck!

If your phone has a loose slide track the most common symptom is that one corner of the phone will slide higher than the other and it alternates back and for until the phone reaches the top. In order to fix this repair the slide tracks.

If the slide track goes up only a fraction of the way and stops then something is impeding the path. The only repair is to go inside the phone and remove the object blocking the path. Repair slider guide.

Even if the phone does slide the screen does not rotate from portrait to landscape for texting.

Reset the phone by taking the battery out.

My phone is really hot to the touch.

If the phone is left on the charger for a substantial amount of time after the battery has been fully charged, for example overnight, then the battery would release a large amount of heat. Over-Charging not only causes the phone to overheat it can also ruin the battery.

If the phone is left exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, the phone could overheat damaging the phone. To avoid this do not leave the phone sitting out in the sun for extended periods of time.

Operation failed error message popped up.

Most often some aspect of the software has a little glitch that causes the camera to not turn on when the camera slider is pulled down to fix this simply remove the battery to reset the phone.

If the solution to the first software malfunction did not solve your problem then another way to try and fix the error message and unresponsive camera would be to do a factory reset on your phone. This will delete all contacts and information on the phone so do a device backup to an SD card to save all information.

If neither above solution worked it is likely that the camera has suffered internal damage and needs to be replaced. Replace camera guide.

my nokia n900 is facing a trouble after rebooting during OS updating. Rebooting is activated badly due to net fail. There are no function but always rebooting. Please suggest to stop rebooting.

kripacharya bhunia - 返信

my nokia n900 is badly activated on rebooting during ssu package updating due to net failior. There are no other function but allways repeat rebooting process only with a yellow icon on status bar .Is it possible to overcome? How? Please give instruction.

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