Nokia 2128i Troubleshooting

Before removing parts of your cell phone, try holding down the power button for a longer period of time than is usually necessary. If the phone still will not turn on, read on.

Before removing cell phone parts, try plugging the cell phone into the charger (and be sure the charger is not the problem). If the phone does not respond to being plugged in, you may need to replace the battery.

The cell phone may be running properly, but the LCD screen is broken. To check this, have somebody call the cell phone before and after pressing the power button. If a call comes through but no display appears, replace the LCD screen.

If the power button on the top of the phone feels loose, stiff, or broken, you may need to replace the button.

If the none of the above solutions will cause the cell phone to turn on, it may be necessary to replace the logic board.

You press the buttons, but they stick or they do not cause the phone to react.

If the buttons get stuck or click in an abnormal way, clean the keypad. If this does not work, you may need to replace the keypad or clean it from the underside.

The buttons may not be working because the keypad is locked. Follow the normal keypad unlocking procedure and try again.

If the cell phone is not reacting to pressing the buttons, it may be frozen. Try restarting the phone by holding the power button. If the phone is still frozen, you may need to momentarily remove the battery and restart the phone.

The screen has no display or it has big scratches or cracks.

If the screen is visibly cracked, damaged, or badly scratched, replace the LCD screen.

When the screen does not display an image, but does not appear damaged, try restarting the cell phone. If this does not fix the problem and the phone is fully charged, you may need to check the connection of the LCD screen to the logic board or replace the LCD screen.

The phone is plugged in, but nothing happens.

If the cell phone does not seem to be accepting a charge, it may be that the charger is broken. To test this, try charging the phone with another charger.

When your phone will not accept a charge, the connection in the charging port may be loose, worn out, or broken. If this is the case, replace the phone's charging port.

Either you cannot hear the phone ring, or you cannot hear the other person on the line.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the volume on the phone is turned up. If the volume is up and you still cannot hear or the sound is garbled, the speaker is probably blown and needs to be replaced.

Your cell phone will not vibrate or the vibrator is malfunctioning

When the cell phone vibrating device is malfunctioning, it is likely that the vibrator needs to be replaced.


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