Small media streaming device that plugs directly into your TV's HDMI port. Originally released by Amazon in November 2014. The latest version comes with a voice-activated remote.

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How to open FireTV Stick remote

Any creative ideas for how to open the fireTV Stick remote when you first get it?

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The two best options, as it turns out, are 1. Just pull really hard, or 2. Use a screwdriver to pry it open.

Here is a YouTube link that shows how:


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Simple once you know how. Hold BOTH ends of the remote, squeeze both ends gently and slide forwards


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I agree. Sometimes, the new plastic pieces have micro texture edges resulting from the fresh cutting from the making of the pieces that give it a bit of a grip against each piece to where you will need to use something that allows you grip it better, like rubber gloves, or even a rubber band. I too had serious trouble opening it the very first time. I used latex gloves to open mine once, after that I could open it easily with bare hands. If you put a rubber band on your thumb and push it open that way, my bet is that it will open for you.




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