GSM iPad 2は16、32、64GBの容量オプションがあり、Dual Core A5プロセッサが搭載されています。モデル番号はA1396。修理作業は複雑で、ヒート(熱)を当ててこじ開ける作業が必須です。

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Replacing/Remounting The Glass And Glue

Wonderful information everyone,

I hope that one day I can contribute about what kinds of adhesive to use to put the glass back on.

And maybe what kind of solvent to use to remove

the old glue. Tear downs are fun but there is much

more to an actual repair. Any suggestions?

ViVa La Fixit!

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Pro Tech ツールキットを含むご注文、もしくは総額 $100ドル以上のご注文については送料無料です。




Our teardowns are not meant to be used as disassembly instructions, which is why we then go back and create a full set of repair guides for the device. We have a guide for replacing the glass on your iPad. If you're not getting a new glass, you can purchase the adhesive strips to install on your existing glass. As far as cleaning the old stuff off, we use Goof Off! in our office.

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iPad 2 Adhesive Strips



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I always use the adhesive on the pic below. And I use 99% alcohol to remove whatever is left of old glue on the housing.

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Double sided clear Adhesive material (DAP Contact StikTM) can be bought at your local big box store with the orange paint job. I have not looked any where else. They carry it in the paint department with the adhesives and glues. It comes on cards which you cut to size, peal the paper off one side and then stick to one surface. After you are satisfied with the bond to the first side then you peal the backing off the second side and stick your parts together. Biggest problem with that stuff is finding an edge of the paper to start pealing.

I've used it to stick the indexing disk back on a big wide format HP printer after the factory told the owner it couldn't be repaired. Nothing wrong with the machine except a bad glue joint. Previously they spend hours on the phone with tech support thinking it was a software issue while all the time the paper position indexing disk had fallen off the end of the main paper feed roller. Without the index disk telling it where it was the logic unit thru all kinds of error codes. The factory finally sent them a refurbed unit and told them to junk the one I eventually fixed. It was a $900 printer. Wow

I will use it to stick the face back on my HP 48SX calculator after fixing a keyboard malfunction. I bought the HP calculator in 1991 and it is now 2013? What is that 22 years old?

I will use it to reattach the screen cover on my Motorola 325i cell phone after taking it totally apart to clean it. I got the white screen this morning with a few lines and I thought it was time for major surgery.

Thanks to this site for the clues on how to get it apart! The other option was a new contract and a new phone.


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