restart at windows boot , boots to bios

Hey i own an inspiron 1501 and it boots to phoeonix bios, but whenever it detects windows on my hard drive everything is normal it goes to the windows starting logo then my entire inspiron restarts. the screen is black and then it powers back up but it still on , I think it may be a motherboard error but im not 100% sure is there any way to fix this pls help.

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Hi Brayden,

Which version of Windows are you using?

Have you updated the BIOS?

Current: Dell Inspiron 1501 System BIOS, v.2.6.3, A16


hello mike I use PhoenixBios 2.6.1

The hard drive I believe contains a copy of windows 7 professional

my inspiron has a missing disc reader


also it will not boot to safe mode either


If you get to the Windows logo screen it is probably a Windows problem. You say W7. Do you see the W7 logo for sure? Which Windows version is shown on the label on the under side of the laptop?

As always there can be a number of causes. Could be just corruption in Windows or a bad driver - especially graphics. Did anything happen out of the normal before this problem started?

Do you have access to another computer and a USB thimb drive? Dell has a diagnostic program which can be run from a USB drive.

Booting from a USB with Hiren's or the like will also help.

I don't know your experience level so please don't take any offence by my questions.


i have run the hard drive on a computer the hard drive and the windows 7 cop are fine


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download A16 bios. Use bios to boot off the A16. It’s under system boot settings. Watch it update and keep the computer plugged into the power outlet. It should take 15 to 20 minutes judging from the age of the device. Boot it up when it gets done. Power off. Power it up by also pressing delete as it boots. You’ll see the start up options. Navigate using keyboard, open bios, it’ll look different. Get a copy of windows 10 home edition to go with the new bios. Download it from Microsoft.


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ok ill test it right now


ok im at phoenixbios wheres system boot settings im not seeing it


yo i cant update the bios it doesnt show any bios update


Type "BIOS" in Operating system box...

First on list under BIOS:

"Dell Inspiron 1501 System BIOS, v.2.6.3, A16"


nothing happens when i type in bios and theres no place to type it in phoenixbios


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