The Asus X53E is more or less an Asus K53E without dedicated graphics. The specs on this laptop are very similar other then the removal of the nVidia graphics.

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Cannot remember where the one silver screw goes

Can you please tell me or perhaps post a picture as to where the one lone silver screw goes in this laptop? I spilled my coffee on it and tried to take it apart to clean but I cannot remember where this silver screw goes!

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Hi @cinnamondolce ,

This video may be of some help to you.

It shows the complete dis-assembly of your model laptop.

Unfortunately the colour of the screws cannot be seen. The only "single" screw shown being removed is at 2:58 minutes into the video. This screw is used to hold in the WiFi card.

If this is not the one, perhaps when viewing the video it may give you some ideas of where to look for the missing screw "hole".

Hopefully this is of some help.


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