Power on problem (Press power button but blank screen)

When I pressed the power button to try to turn on my notebook, it just gave me a blank screen with nothing on it, just a dim screen and nothing. Then I pressed and held the power button until it was completely turned off. I closed the cover of the notebook and opened the cover to almost 180 degree, i.e. stretching the cover to the extent. By repeating this action (open and close the cover ) 2 - 3 times , then pressed the power button, the notebook would start up successfully. Sometimes, this whole process had to be repeated several times. Afterwards it worked perfectly well. My notebook was bought in Jan, 2013. Is it near end of its life ?

Pls help, thanks.

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Hi @kyandrew ,

When you say "just a dim screen and nothing". did you notice that even though the screen was blank was there other things happening to indicate that the laptop was functioning e.g. fan running, HDD activity lights on keyboard etc?


Dear jayeff,

Thanks for replying. The laptop seems to be running after I press the power button, except that the screen shows nothing with just a dim light. After I force shutdown the laptop by holding the power button for 2-3 sec, in the subsequent start up, it will show the option recovery or normal startup. So, I think the first startup is running something just not shown on the screen.


Hi @kyandrew ,

What OS is installed?

Can you get to the BIOS setup screen OK?

Depending on your OS you may be able to repair the startup.

If Win 10 can you get hold a Win 10 recovery USB stick?

You can create one from any computer running Win 10. (Type Recovery in Search box of computer). You need an 8GB USB and it takes about 40 minutes to create. Once you have it change the boot order in your laptop to boot from USB 1st, insert the Recovery USB and start the laptop. Select Troubleshooting >Advanced > Startup Repair.

Do NOT select Reset as this will reinstall Win 10 and erase all your data.

If you have Win 7 do you have the installation disc or access to one? If so change boot option to CD drive 1st, boot from disc and select the "repair" option


Dear jayeff,

I have Win 7 and I don't have the installation disc. I don't remember any installation disc as it was 5 years ago since I bought it. Maybe I just leave it as it is for the time being. Actually, every thing works fine after the several retry of the startup process that I mentioned earlier.

Thanks a lot.