MacBook Pro 15インチ Retina Display Mid 2015のSSDの交換方法について説明します。このMacBook Proは、専売のストーレッジドライブコネクタを使用しています。そのため、通常の M.2ドライブとは、アダプターを使用しなければ互換性がありません

修理を始める前に、できれば現在使用中SSDのバックアップをしてください。それから インターネットの回復 もしくは 起動可能な外付けハードドライブを作成してください。そうすれば、macOSを新しいドライブにインストールする準備が整い、データを新しいSSDに移行できます。

最後に、MacBook Proに搭載されていたオリジナルのSSDを交換する前に、macOS 10.13 High Sierra(または最新バージョンのmacOS)のインストールを強く推奨します。 多くの新SSDには、High Sierraより前のバージョンのmacOSにはない最新のストレージドライバが必要です。

  1. MacBook Proに固定された底面ケースから次のペンタブネジを取り外します。
    • MacBook Proに固定された底面ケースから次のペンタブネジを取り外します。

    • 3.1 mm−8本

    • 2.3 mm−2本

    The number of screws listed here is wrong on my model. I had four of the smaller size.

    anonymous 1286 - 返信

    Just to add to my comment above (I can't edit it because it's anonymous), my MacBook Pro is a mid-2015 15in model 2.8GHz (A1398; EMC2881). For the bottom case it uses six 3.1mm screws, and four 2.3mm screws at the clutch/hinge side of the MacBook Pro. I tried using a 3.1mm screw at the clutch/hinge end, as described in the main article, and they don't fit. It has to be four 2.3mm screws.

    anonymous 1286 - 返信

    WAIT!.. STOP.

    iFixit has had a slew of defective batteries that they will require you take out and return (after gluing them in). Search on: "Battery percentage suddenly drops" here on this site. This process is 50 steps to get the new battery in, and another 50 to put all the parts back. For $199, Apple will do the whole repair, warranty it, and also replace the trackpad and the keyboard (because it's easier for THEM to do).

    Ifixit WILL NOT stand behind defective batteries unless you spend another 4-6 hours swapping in a new one. NOT. WORTH. IT. See posts here (Battery percentage suddenly drops from ~60% to 7%) on frustrated customer’s multiple attempts and class-action lawsuits.

    MFMauceri - 返信

  2. クラッチカバーに最も近い端から持ち上げて、MacBook Proの底面ケースを持ち上げます。 クラッチカバーに最も近い端から持ち上げて、MacBook Proの底面ケースを持ち上げます。
    • クラッチカバーに最も近い端から持ち上げて、MacBook Proの底面ケースを持ち上げます。

  3. 底面ケースには、上部ケース(オレンジ色)のプラスチッククリップに収まるプラスチック製の2つのペグ(赤色)があります。 再組立中に、底面ケースの中心を静かに押し下げて、2つのプラスチッククリップにケースを再び取り付けます。 再組立中に、底面ケースの中心を静かに押し下げて、2つのプラスチッククリップにケースを再び取り付けます。
    • 底面ケースには、上部ケース(オレンジ色)のプラスチッククリップに収まるプラスチック製の2つのペグ(赤色)があります。

    • 再組立中に、底面ケースの中心を静かに押し下げて、2つのプラスチッククリップにケースを再び取り付けます。

    pretty hard to put it back, so I just remove the clips on the upper case....

    jamiegan835 - 返信

    The trick to putting it back on is to guide your fingers to the same level as the clips, and then when you put the case down move your hand from the left side of the case to the right side of the case; applying pressure when you reach the area where the clips are.

    Aaron Freidus - 返信

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  5. バッテリーコネクタを覆うステッカーを巻き戻します。
    • バッテリーコネクタを覆うステッカーを巻き戻します。

    You only need to remove the tape to the edge of the flap. This is enough to be able to pry the battery connector up.

    Aaron Freidus - 返信

    +1 to above comment

    Andrew Saunders - 返信

    Note that the photo is taken from the hinge side - the other way to the photo in step 3

    Toby Thurston - 返信

    I chanced it, didnt disconnect the battery and all is well even after giving the insides a good vacuuming before changing the SSD.

    Dermot O Logical - 返信

  6. バッテリーコネクターの両側を静かに持ち上げて、コネクターをロジックボード上のソケットから引き出します。 バッテリーコネクターが誤ってロジックボードに接触しないように、コネクターをバッテリーの方に戻してください。 バッテリーコネクターが誤ってロジックボードに接触しないように、コネクターをバッテリーの方に戻してください。
    • バッテリーコネクターの両側を静かに持ち上げて、コネクターをロジックボード上のソケットから引き出します。

    • バッテリーコネクターが誤ってロジックボードに接触しないように、コネクターをバッテリーの方に戻してください。

    why is this necessary to remove a hard drive?

    Lawtay - 返信

    @lawrencetaylor On any electronics repair, you need to disconnect all sources of power before you start. It’s a basic safety precaution and also removes the risk of accidentally shorting a connection somewhere (which can potentially kill your MacBook).

    Jeff Suovanen -

    I chanced it, didnt disconnect the battery and all is well even after giving the insides a good vacuuming before changing the SSD.

    Dermot O Logical - 返信

    Picture doesn’t match the computer. Hard to tell which connector to disconnect

    James Mitchell - 返信

    Hi James, are you sure you have the correct guide for your machine? Try using our MacBook Identification tool.

    Sam Goldheart -

    Habe den Akkustecker beim putzen abgemacht um keinen Stromschlag zu kriegen, jetzt wieder eingebaut. Nun habe ich folgendes Problem: Akku wird geladen, aber steigt niemals ueber % und manchmal geht er trotz Anschluss an das Stromnetz einfach aus. Hat da jemand eine Idee?

    paul - 返信

    I used the identification tool and can confirm what James is seeing. The picture doesn’t match for this step. There is no piece with visible holes punched in it.

    Joshua McFarland - 返信

  7. ロジックボードに取り付けられているSSDの2.9mmT型トルクスネジを外します。
    • ロジックボードに取り付けられているSSDの2.9mmT型トルクスネジを外します。


    voila j’ai un soucis, après plusieurs tentative avec différente marques de tournevis impossible de la dévisser je ne comprends pas

    miss.reira - 返信

    This one is T6 on my Mid-2015 MBP.

    dja - 返信

  8. SSDの端を持ち、スピーカーの上まで持ち上げて下さい。 接続部やソケットを傷つける恐れがあるので、高く持ち上げ過ぎないで下さい。 ロジックボードのソケットからSSDを引き抜いて下さい。
    • SSDの端を持ち、スピーカーの上まで持ち上げて下さい。

    • 接続部やソケットを傷つける恐れがあるので、高く持ち上げ過ぎないで下さい。

    • ロジックボードのソケットからSSDを引き抜いて下さい。



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So guys, I got a couple of questions:

1. Is this model (MBP Retina Mid 2015/MacBookPro11,4 ) really upgradable? https://www.datenreise.de/en/macbook-pro... says otherwise.

2. Samsung 850 EVO or Samsung 850 PRO would work with the model mentioned above?

Eduardo Delai Correa - 返信

Yes, it is upgradeable. At the time that article was published there was no drive on the market that would work. Now there is. No the Samsung 850 EVO or Pro would not work. As far as I know OWC is the only one that produces an after market drive that is compatible.

Chris Matlock -

I couldn't find the SSD that Chris mentioned. Would you please point out the exact model?

Jerry Zhong -

It’s the OWC Aura Pro X2, you can get it all the up to 2TB.

Stephen Agnew -

I think you could purchase a pcie to M2 adapter and fit a Samsung 950 Pro in there. 960 Pro is coming out soon though with higher performance.

tonynca7 - 返信

I also wanna try the 960 pro on, but I have read an article about the 3rd party SSD support which saying OS X deny to boot from a 3rd party NVME drive, you have to do some hack before you can use it. Is it true?

cyl19910101 g -

how i can upgrade mt MacBook pro with retina mid-2015 ?

is Samsung evo 850 fit with my computer


Turki - 返信

I own a rMBP 15 w/ radeon 15" (w/ the radeon gpu) and pleeassee correct me if I'm wrong but i gotta feeling my SM0512G might be on the brink of failure.I do realize the low probability of such but I'm quite the power user and i've also had some problems with macOS sierra which have led me to "gpt > destroy" the part map 3x.

To be perfectly honest , I'm sh*ttng my pants out scared of running smart mont or whatever 3rd party tool in order to check its current wear levels;

- given that last time i did (couple of months ago - before the whole macOS issues) the wear was at 67%....

There have been no noticeable signs of degraded performance...but sometimes when i boot him up there does seem to be some graphics issues (such as they watch/clock being blacked or greyed or the occasional odd flickering of system issues (they're kinda hard to describe).

not sure what to do. Looking to replace the ssd but the one sold by owc is quite inferior (spec-wise) in comparison to the original.

Any thouhgts/recomendations?


milanf11 - 返信

which SSD is recommended, the OWC or this one..http://store.mcetech.com/mm/merchant.mvc...

If there are an better after market SSD than the 2 listed please let me know

Manveer Dhillon - 返信


I want to change my Macbook pro 15" SSD

Is M.2(Pcie) Suitable for MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2015?

If I use INTEL SSD is Suitable too? or it just can use SAMSUNG?

Thank you so much!!!!!!

IFIXIT is awesome!

hahaloveya20 - 返信

Hi Everyone, I Seem to Be Having This Folder Icon with a Question Mark inside whenever I Try To Boot my Macbook Pro mid 2015 Edition. Could It be the 1TB ssd inside or Somethings else. Pls Someone should Help me. Thnx

Victor - 返信

Hey try this solution that i’ve researched

Try checking the disk if it has a problem by holding command + r while holidng the power button.

After you see the Apple logo, release the power button, and keep holding the command + R.

Once you saw the macOS utilities open the disk utility and click your MacBook Pro’s SSD.

Check if the S.M.A.R.T status says that it’s “Verified

*If the S.M.A.R.T status of your SSD has anything other than verified on your MacBook Pro, there could be a problem on your SSD or the SSD cannot be detected

*If the S.M.A.R.T status of your SSD is verified continue following these steps.

Nathan Ingalla -

In disk utility, click a drop down arrow on it, Click the OS partition and click First Aid.

If the First aid couldn’t fix the problem, wipe your boot drive by clicking the erase function on it and set the file system as MacOS Extended (Journaled) and click erase.

After the wiping is complete, connect your MacBook to the internet and exit disk utility.

Once you closed the Disk utility, click the reinstall macOS and wait the reinstallation

(Note: Installation time may depend on your Mac and Internet Speed.)

After the reinstallation is complete, you will need to set up your user account and re-enter your iCloud credentials if you have.

Nathan Ingalla -

OK, need a part number (amazon would be great) for a compatible 1T & 512GB for my mid 2015 15" MB Pro...

Steven Machado - 返信

Is disconnecting the battery necessary just for a HDD change? Or is it here for informational purposes only?

Rob Benton - 返信

Rob Benton - Better be safe that sorry. Always disconnect the battery.

Oros - 返信

Hi their if I follow the instruction above I will obviosly restart my mac within the Time Machine that I have already made. Is it simple afterwards I just have to follow presidure.??? Tanks for your Help ….Simon

simon - 返信

Question would the Samsung 860 evo work?

Jason Rose - 返信

Has anyone tried to use an M.2 EVO 860 with 2TB capacity from Samsung yet? Any experiences made so far? Does it work without problems with OS X Sierra? Any comments would be helpful.

Yorh Ekin - 返信

EVO 860 is SATA, it will not work. Macbook pro needs nvme ssd. Just finish my upgrade using ADATA SX8200NP 960GB (ASX8200NP-960GT-C), and adapter is from Amazon, “Sintech NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Adapter Card For Upgrade 2013-2015 MacBook”. Both works like charm. Only issue is that SMART status is unavailable.

Hao Li -

@panzerkiller my 970EVO & Sintech setup is showing SMART status on DriveDx, but not on Disk Utility for some reason.

Shazz Mahfudz -


It seems there are two options currently on the market:

OWC Aura OWCSSDAB2M05 or -10 for 500GB or 1TB versions, respectively, and

Transcend TS480GJDM850 for 500GB (or TS960) for 1TB versions.

Does anyone have experience with the speed of these? I read that they are 33-50% slower. I’m guessing using an M2 with adapter is also a solution but probably even slower.

And I guess all of these are about double the price of regular SSDs if my research is correct.

MacFlo - 返信

would a Crucial® MX500 Solid-State-Drive M.2 fit in ? or what would the best ssd be?

theoctopusride - 返信

I used the crucial P1 SSD 1TB PCIe and adapter board and installed the MacOS Mojave and WINDOW10, which functions properly

juan chang - 返信


I have a MacBook Pro mid 2015. I swapped it’s original 1TB for a 2TB. Two models I tried works:

The Hat SSD I got for around $ 350 on Ebay

The Samsung 960 Pro M2, with a Synthech adapter. It’s about three times the price of the Hat SSD… But the Samsung is also close to twice as fast as the original Apple SSD on my Black Magic Disk Speed test.

Be aware that the OWC external boxes DO NOT WORK for SSDs other than OWC and Apple. You have to plug the SSD to the mother board to test them (Samsung + Synthech adapter work)

You also have to run either Mojave or High Sierra.

fcapeilleres - 返信

does this SSD work with a macbook pro retina 15 inch 2015 model? Samsung MZ-76P2T0B/EU 2 TB 860 Pro Sata III 64L V NAND Solid State Drive

Its Riyana - 返信

Hi guys! Will the Apple 256gb SSD that I pulled from my Mid 2015 Macbook Pro fit in a PCIe adapter card which I want to use in a Mac Pro 5,1? I read that the Apple slot on the MBP is proprietary which usually means no. But here is the card I am considering: '''https://tinyurl.com/y3mrr8tt'''

If not that card, can you recommend one?

Art Vandelay - 返信

would a Samsung 970 PRO 1TB (MZ-V7p1T0BW) fit in ? ''I got the adaptor for the SSD. or what would the best SSD be?

I would know isn’t it have a chance will let the computer can not wake again after sleep mode? ( after reboot will to be normal ) after install the new SSD?

Dante Suen - 返信

It's really helpful

Jeet singh

Jeet singh - 返信

Hi. Is this for an A1502? My first MacBook repair but I’m sure I can do this. I see you sell the tools, ur do you sell the Retina display also? I believe it is the entire top half of laptops including g case.



Todd Taylor - 返信

Hi Todd—The A1502 designation covers models from Late 2013 - Early 2015. You might want to start over here, select your specific model, and then click through to the appropriate guide. We do stock complete displays for most models. Good luck!

Jeff Suovanen -

SSD that works with this as a replacement: OWC Aura Pro X2, you can get it all the up to 2TB.

Stephen Agnew - 返信

Anyone know where I could get that 2.9mm T5 screw?

Adam Hall - 返信

“Finally, we strongly recommend installing macOS 10.13 High Sierra (or a later macOS)”

Does this mean we need a newer or older version than 10.13? I just did all this and upgraded to Catalina beforehand but now have a black screen and a circle with a line across. Do you know why this is the case?

Joaquin Beltran - 返信

Sorry Joaquin, that is a confusing sentence! What we mean is “10.13 High Sierra or a newer version of macOS.” So yes, that includes Catalina!

The black screen you’re seeing means that the computer can’t find an operating system on your SSD. Did you already install the new SSD? If you did, then you can follow this Internet Recovery guide to install MacOS to the new drive.

Taylor Dixon -

Dear Sir.

I tried to install a WD blue M2.2280 1TB ssd M2.2280 on mac book pro 15” mid 2015 using a M2 to mac book 2013-2017 adapter

but it does not work. Inserted the new ssd the monitor does not turn on. so I restored the old ssd.

Do you have a solution?

best regards


Lucio Vittori - 返信

Is there an SSD to SATA adaptor so that the original Apple SSD may be repurposed / used in a “regular” computer?

felix - 返信

If you use the Trancend replacement ssd ( https://amzn.to/2OkTZhj ) it comes with an adapter where you can slide the old ssd (is a bit more expensive with the adapter ( or you can find a cheaper one on eBay)

OWC has the same adapter but I see that is not sold on the iFixit store

Oros -

Vous dites : “Avant de commencer, si possible sauvegardez votre SSD déjà installé. Puis, familiarisez-vous avec la récupération par internet ou créez un disque externe amorçable pour que vous soyez prêts à installer macOS sur votre nouveau disque et migrer vos données vers le nouveau SSD.”

Et si je ne souhaite pas réccupérer mes donées ? Dois-je absolument avoir un disque d’amorçage ?

aaa - 返信

You can install an NVMe M2.2280 SSD into this MacBookPro11,5 with this Sintech adapter (Amazon link, which also lists compatible SSDs); I’ve got 4 units installed with the 970EVO 2TB chugging along happily for over a year now. Sintech has a newer, smaller adapter that I’ve ordered; will post the results once I’ve tested it.

Just make sure you’ve already updated to least High Sierra 10.13 (preferably Mojave 10.14) on the original SSD to install the NVMe drivers.

Shazz Mahfudz - 返信



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