1. Slide the battery's locking tabs from the locked position to unlocked positions.
    • Slide the battery's locking tabs from the locked position to unlocked positions.

      • The right tab is unlocked when a red dot is showing.

      • The left tab will have to be held in the unlocked position in order to release the battery.


  2. Slide the battery out while holding the left locking tab in the unlocked position.
    • Slide the battery out while holding the left locking tab in the unlocked position.


    • Caution Follow this step to detach the upper portion of the keyboard, but do not remove it from the laptop. Damage to the keyboard's ribbon cable may result if improperly executed.

    • Identify the three metal tabs holding down the laptop's keyboard.

    • Using a spudger, depress each metal tab to remove the keyboard.

      • The upper part of the keyboard should "pop up" from its holder.


    • Clips hold the bottom portion of the keyboard to the laptop. Gently lift the upper portion of the keyboard and then move the entire keyboard towards the computer's screen until the ribbon cable is visible.


    • Using a spudger, gently push the two black pins holding the ribbon cable towards the computer's screen.

    • Slide the keyboard's ribbon cable from the connector.


    • Remove the keyboard by lifting upwards.


  3. Fixmasのスピリットを広めましょう
    • Remove the nine 4.76mm Phillips #0 screws on the top cover of the laptop.


    • Remove the six 4.76 mm Phillips #0 screws on the back of the laptop.


    • Flip the laptop back over and identify the touchpad ribbon.

    • Unlock the tan locking pin from the black connector by pushing the pin to the right with a spudger.


    • Slide out the touchpad's ribbon connector by pulling the blue tab to the right.


    • Use a plastic opening tool to gently detach the top cover from the laptop's base. See the next step for removing the cover.


    • Caution: You will need to clear the audio and microphone jacks by lifting the right half and then moving the cover to the left (as shown in the second picture) to prevent damaging the cover.

    • Remove the laptop cover.


    • Remove the large black wire using a plastic opening tool.


    • Gently pry off the six rubber covers around the outside of the screen using a 2 mm flat head screwdriver.

      • A flat head screwdriver is preferable over a spudger as the spudger's head is not thin enough to to slip under the rubber covers.

    • Remove the six 4.76 mm Phillips #0 screws underneath each cover.


    • Using a plastic opening tool, carefully detach the casing around the screen cover.

      • Remove the screen cover.


    • Remove the four 4.76mm Phillips #0 screws located on the corners of the screen.

    • Lift out the display screen.


    • Detach the small white plug located to the left of the webcam with a spudger.

      • It may be helpful to hold down the webcam unit with a finger.


    • Carefully lift the webcam off of its placeholders starting from the left side.

      • There may be a small amount of adhesive attached to the back of the webcam. Use the end of a spudger to carefully remove the adhesive.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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