Bios & HDD Password reset?

Help! I really need to reset the BIOS password on my laptop. I tried to use one of those password generators online and they provided three codes to try. I tried them all 1 by 1 and I thought the last one actually worked because it took me to a different screen that asked for a password for HDD? Im not sure what that even is...but I could not exit out of the screen unless I rebooted the system. When I did this, NONE of the three BIOS passwords worked and I have no idea what the HDD password is or the BIOS password is now! TAG: FD4NMK1 and service code is 33445616113. I should never have trusted this wonder it was cheap...smh sucker I am

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do you get a system disabled message with an error code? Which generators have you tried? what is your HDD serial number?