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Waring Pro SB30 Troubleshooting

A single burner. Released in 2008, with model name SB30.

The temperature of the burner is not increasing regardless of the setting of the dial.

Make sure the hot plate is plugged in. Check to see if the red indicator light (ON) is on when dial is not set to OFF. If indicator light does not turn on, then check your outlet for power using another (working) device. If the outlet is working properly, then your power source is not the problem.

Make sure the hot plate is clean and remove residue or gunk. (Make sure the burner dial is set to OFF when cleaning.)

If the hot plate is properly clean, set dial to highest setting and check if the hot plate is heating properly. Do not use your hands. It is recommended to hover your hand over hot plate or try to boil a pot of water.

Remove knob: with one hand on the knob and one hand equipped with a spudger, simultaneously pull the knob outward and insert spudger, using the flat edge, in behind the knob. This will allow the knob to be pulled free. Check for damages on the knob causing it to not work properly and look into buying a replacement part.

Burner is giving off a gaseous foul odor

Begin by cleaning the exterior of the underside of the burner and the vents with a cotton swab or damp cloth.

While the device is off, clean the exterior with water and dry. Then allow the burner to run on the highest setting for 5 minutes. Repeat as necessary until no more odor is present.

Remove the hot plate using this guide, Disassembling Waring Pro SB30 Hot plate. Clean and dry the hot plate and reassemble.

The plastic sides are melting in some fashion.

The sides can be taken off using this guide, Disassembling Waring Pro SB30 Plastic sides, but replacement sides would need to be purchased for replacement.

Note: In the future, do not use pots larger than the burner because the larger pot is conducting the heat onto the plastics sides, therefore causing the deformation.

If the device is heating properly, but the lights are not working.

Use this guide to remove the back panel of the burner, Disassembling Waring Pro SB30 Back panel, and locate where the indicator lights are. Make sure that they are properly in their plastic shells.

Use this guide to remove the indicator lights from their plastic shells, Disassembling Waring pro SB30 Indicator Lights. You will then need to remove the lights and solder replacement lights in their place.

The burner not being level or even may cause spills of hot substances.

If the plastic legs or rubber stoppers are out of place, use this guide to remove them and re-position them: Disassembling Waring Pro SB30 Plastic leg and rubber stoppers. If the rubber stoppers are damaged look into replacing.



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