Lenovo IdeaPad N586 Troubleshooting

You just can't seem to turn on your laptop

Check to make sure area between the battery and the rest of the laptop is clean. Blow on gold plated connectors like you did back in the day with your Nintendo 64. Make sure both tabs that hold the battery are clicked in the all the way. The battery should slide in easily along the groves.

Make sure charger is plugged in and battery light is on. If computer only starts while charger is plugged in then the battery is faulty and must be replaced.

It's so annoying when your laptop turns on but you can't access your desktop or your programs aren't loading. This may be due to a hard drive failure; check out our hard drive replacement guide so that you can get back to Facebook stalking.

If your laptop's applications were lagging and took a long time to process before it stopped turning on, it is possible that the problem most likely lies in the logic board. Check our repair guide to replace the logic board of your laptop. Or go to our memory replacement guide

Can you see plastic bends or sharp ridges on your monitor? It is possible that your display is cracked. Be sure to test this while your computer has been turned off to avoid any background images from obstructing your diagnosis. In addition, if there are "cracks" in images that your are viewing from your monitor, your screen might be cracked.

Is your laptop being unusually quiet? The fan might be broken. Quickly turn off the laptop to avoid frying the inner circuitry. There should be a low humming noise coming from your laptop. If not the fan will need to be replaced.

Grab a small hand vacuum (nothing with too strong a suction) and place it on the fan cage on the left side of the laptop. Turn it on for a couple seconds. This should rid the fan of excess dust and allow the fan to flow more freely.

Press the eject button on the side of the optical drive and check the slot pops out. If not, check if there is an eject button on your keyboard and try pressing that. Well maybe you need a replacement optical drive.

Is your tilde key missing? Then check out our keyboard replacement guide.

If you cannot press the key or if it is stuck in the "pushed-down" position, there might be something underneath the keyboard holding it down. To fix this, remove the keyboard and clean the area underneath with a dry cloth. Then replace the key.



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