ガスケットとケーブルを含むiPhone 6s Plusのホームボタンアセンブリを交換するにはこの手順をご利用ください。Touch ID はホームボタンアセンブリを交換後、機能しません。



  • iPhoneを解体する前にバッテリーの残量を25%以下まで放電してください。充電されたリチウムイオンバッテリーにダメージを与えると引火や爆発の恐れがあります。

  • 解体を始める前に、iPhoneの電源を切ってください。

  • Lightningポートの両端に留められた3.4 mmペンタローブネジを2本外します。

Make sure you use the correct screw driver tip to remove these screws, which for the iPhone 6s Plus is the P2, otherwise you may strip the tip of the screw making it 10 times harder to remove. If once the screw is lose, it will not come off, use a magnet to remove it.

Miguel Perez - 返信

If I do it by myself, will it damage the water resistant strip?

I know iphone 7 have it ,but I am not sure 6s plus have it.

Ganqian Zhu - 返信

iPhone 6s has an adhesive gasket under the display, similar to the iPhone 7—however, it doesn’t add much in the way of waterproofing since the 6s has non-sealed openings in other parts of the phone. Water resistance on the 6s is primarily internal (seals around the logic board connectors, etc.). It may still be worthwhile to replace the adhesive on the 6s in order to help keep the display firmly seated so it doesn’t move/wobble at all under pressure, but the phone will continue to work fine whether you replace the adhesive or not.

Jeff Suovanen -

Salve nella procedura iniziale di smontaggio display con la ventosa non è menzionato il fatto di scaldare i lati del display per “ammorbidire” la striscia che incolla il display alla scocca.

Non è necessaria la cosa o è consigliabile ?


Hello, in the initial disassembling procedure with the suction cup, it is not mentioned how to heat the sides of the display to "soften" the strip that glues the display to the body.

Is not the thing necessary or is it advisable?

thank you

Daniele - 返信

How do I know that the Battery has ZERO Charging Cycles on it when it arrives ? Is there a (downside) to Higher Capacity batteries ? It is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to maintain a “Zero Chinese Products Lifestyle”, so how do I know that I’m not getting a deficient Chinese battery, potentially a refurb. battery ?

integritybuilders - 返信

When your repair is complete, you can use coconutBattery to check your new battery stats and cycle count. (A properly tested battery may already have a charge cycle or two on it.) Avoid higher capacity batteries on iPhones—they’re generally either gimmicks, unsafe, or both. As far as the quality of the part, that comes down to how much you trust your supplier and whether they guarantee the product.

Jeff Suovanen -

6s Plus ディスプレイの開口作業は、ディスプレイ周辺に留められた薄い接着タブを剥がすことから始まります。交換用の接着タブを使用する場合は、作業前に準備してください。接着剤タブをそのまま使用しても、機能上は問題ありません。
  • 6s Plus ディスプレイの開口作業は、ディスプレイ周辺に留められた薄い接着タブを剥がすことから始まります。交換用の接着タブを使用する場合は、作業前に準備してください。接着剤タブをそのまま使用しても、機能上は問題ありません。

  • ディスプレイアセンブリ下側左端に吸盤カップを取り付けます。

take out screws first!!

Yoav Karmon - 返信

Make sure you use the right screw driver tip for i phone 6s Plus, which is the P-2. If the screw will not come off once is lose, try using a magnet.

Miguel Perez - 返信

My cracked screen prevented the suction cup from sealing. SOLUTION: With a piece of clear packing tape across the screen, the suction cup will seal and pull.

Jim Cowles - 返信

  • フロントパネルとリアケースの間にわずかな隙間を作るため、吸盤カップを一定の強さでゆっくりと引き上げます。

  • 力強く引っ張るとディスプレイアセンブリにダメージを与えてしまうことがあります。リアケースとディスプレイアセンブリの間に小さな隙間を作る程度の力加減にします。

I had a shattered front glass panel so I could not get the suction cup to seal properly. I tried a couple of different ways to get good suction but to no avail. I eventually used a Stanley knife to pry up the corner so I could get the spudger into the opening.

John Architzel - 返信

A really high quality packing tape over the entire screen will usually be enough to use the suction cup on a shattered screen.

djwooten -

I used a suction cup on each side to provide counter traction. I braced the iphone between my knees and pulled apart while my helper inserted the spudger

jkanne - 返信

This was by FAR the most difficult part of this whole thing. I confess the spudger was not cutting it so I used a butter knife to get into the small opening first, then used the spudger to go around the screen.

Julie Sanchez - 返信

Hey everyone, if you never have done this part before be aware there is an extremely strong adhesive around the lip of the screen and once again is extremely strong. I had to get a friend to insert the pry/pick into the small gap while I used one hand to brace the phone down and the other to pull the suction cup without it digging into my hand. Go slow, it took me 5 tries because I didn’t realize how strong the adhesive was.

bartmistrot - 返信

I also had a badly cracked lower screen - that glass was actually threatening to pull off the phone in chunks during this step, even with packing tape. Resorted to @j2arch’s tip and inserted a utility knife vertically into the seam between the display and phone body. Was able to lever the glass enough to get the spudger in there.

Jason Augustyn - 返信

I have replaced sevrel screens for my sister in law and my niece. The packing tape has worked every time and that’s with it Shattered and pieces already falling out. You have to make sure the packing tape goes to the edge of the screen but doesn’t touch the frame. I have the plier like screen remover and use that it is much easier to remove the screen by your self with that tool. I also have the little finger suction cup that comes with the kit here. I bought the plier suction cup tool When I had to replace the screen that had the pieces of the screen missing and I don’t regret spending the extra money for that it has made a world of difference. I do this as a hobby it’s not a job for me. The electric divide repair kit from Lowe’s is also a very good kit to help. If you’re only going to do it once the kit that comes with the package is a great deal from ifixit. Well worth the money to spend the little extra to get the kit if you all ready don’t have the tools.

Brent - 返信

  • 一番最初に開口する安全な場所はヘッドホンジャック上部のフロントパネル下にできる隙間です。

  • 吸盤カップを持ち上げながら、ヘッドフォンジャック上部の隙間にスパッジャーの平面側先端を差し込みます。

This was by far the hardest part of the repair for me. Getting leverage while finding a way to prod with a spudger is a challenge in coordination. I used a second spudger with point holding the phone down by the headphone jack, with the other end of the spudger anchored to my desk.

drpotter - 返信

  • フロントパネルとリアケースの隙間を広げるようにスパッジャーをひねりながらスライドします。

just changed the screen, but due to the tape along side the screen , it is best to heat a little so the glue losses and you can get the screen off better, like indicated

Bart Blanckaert - 返信

  • 吸盤カップをしっかりと引き上げながら、ディスプレイの左側角までスパッジャーの先端をスライドします。


  • スパッジャーの先端をフロントパネルとリアケースの間に入れ、押し上げながらデバイス本体左側までスライドして開口します。


  • スパッジャーの平面側先端をディスプレイ下部の右側角に差し込みます。

  • スパッジャーを右側に沿ってスライドします。


  • プラスチックの開口ツールを使ってリアケースを下向きに押さえながら固定し、デバイスを吸盤カップで引き上げます。

    • ディスプレイを完全に外さないでください。iPhone上部端に付けられたディスプレイ用のデータケーブルにダメージを与えてしまいます。


  • 吸盤カップの小さな持ち手(ノブ)を引っ張り、ディスプレイから外します。

Remember to apply the screen gasket on the re-assemble. The gasket is provided in the kit but not mentioned here on the instructions.

Won Hong - 返信

There’s a link to the entire gasket replacement procedure in Step 21.

Jeff Suovanen -

  • デバイス本体上部を蝶番のようにして、リアケースからディスプレイアセンブリのホームボタン端を持ち上げ、iPhoneを開きます。

  • ディスプレイを直角に開き、作業中邪魔にならないよう、後ろ側に衝立を置き開いたまま固定します。

    • 90度以上ディスプレイを開かないでください。ディスプレイ、デジタイザー、切断しやすい正面カメラケーブルが本体上部と繋がった状態です。

    • 作業中、ディスプレイがしっかりと固定されるように輪ゴムなどで留めてください。これはディスプレイケーブルに予期せぬ圧力が加わらないように保護するためです。

    • 急ぎの場合は、未開封の飲料用缶を使ってディスプレイに立てかけることもできます。


  • 基板に留められたバッテリーコネクターブラケットから、次のプラスネジを取り外します。

    • 2.9 mmネジー1本

    • 2.3 mmネジー1本

FYI - I used some blue painters tape wrapped around a piece of cardboard to hold the screws and brackets in place, in order, so they did not get lost. Some of those screws are MICROSCOPIC so be careful!

I also suggest having very good lighting, even a camping headlight for hands-free well lit work space. You will thank me later :-)

Julie Sanchez - 返信

Use the bit labeled “PH000”.

Joe Teichert - 返信

PH000 bit just wants to free-spin in the 2.3 mm screw. no bite in the head at all. had no difficulty removing the 2.9 mm screw with the same Phillips. had to abandon battery replacement effort.

Benjamin Stalcup - 返信

For this part, neither PH000 or Y000 worked. Technically, it’ll set you back 31$ because you will need the PH00 screwdriver for this part, and the part where you need to open the screen. They have ph00 screwdrivers in every hardware store and even ifixit.com. just know that they put the wrong screwheads for you

Jack Daniel - 返信

  • バッテリーコネクターブラケットを取り出します。

Does it matter if the brackets arent put back in the phone? I bought a used phone and brackets are missing. Thanks!

Coupon Crazy - 返信

  • スパッジャーの先端を使って、基板からバッテリーコネクターの接続を外します。


  • 作業中、コネクターが誤って接続してしまいiPhoneの電源が入らないように、コネクターの接続を外したら反対側に折り返します。

See my comment at the end of the procedure. If you work carefully, you need not remove the logic board and can skip ahead to step 38 after completing this step (disconnecting battery).

Mark Cousins - 返信

When putting the new battery in, make sure to line up the plug and not to the top of the battery… our battery was smaller so the plug would NOT have lined up if we used the top of the battery. ALSO, the plug was NOT 90 degrees so we had to finagle the plug. Also, make sure there is a clear CLICK when you plug in the connector or it may not work. Ours went in but guess didn’t go far enough so we had to take the screen off and push it harder until we heard the “click” then it worked fine.

Won Hong - 返信

  • 次のプラスネジを外します。

    • 1.3 mmネジー3本

    • 1.6 mmネジー1本

    • 3.0 mmネジー1本

      • 再組み立ての際は、この3.0 mmネジをブラケットの右端上部の定位置に必ず取り付けてください。謝った箇所に取り付けてしまうと基板にダメージを与えてしまうことがあります。

I really don't see value in removing screen use box and rubber band keep at 90 degrees.

John Parker - 返信

I leave screen on as well for this. - Tho I prefer a 45 degree lean.

Thor -

I just changed my battery and also left the screen attached. I was lucky enough to get all 3 adhesive battery strips out clean so I didn’t have a struggle with the battery coming out. If I was going to need to get rough with it I was going to take the screen off at that point.

Michael Gross - 返信

To keep track of screws, draw a quick outline of the display cable bracket/cover, with five dots where screws should be. Drop the screws on the corresponding dot. Helps if you use magnet pad.

Christa - 返信

Better yet, print out the pictures from the iFixit website, and use clear tape (“Scotch tape”) to TAPE the screws onto the place in the picture where they belong.

Tom -

Which screwdriver from the kit do I use for which screw?

Shiva Sharma - 返信

I made a mistake and unscrewed the screw just north north west of the one circled in yellow. Of course I lost the screw. Can anyone give me any guidance about this? what does the wire connected to it do? What is the size of the screw, in case I have to replace it?

P.S. This is another reason to consider the possibility of NOT removing the screen just to replace the battery: removing the screen presents a additional possible headache, especially for people like me with bad eyesight who probably shouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

Tom - 返信

  • ディスプレイケーブルブラケットを取り出します。


  • コネクターのみに差し込んで接続外してください。基板上のソケットには触らないでください。

  • プラスチック製開口ツールを使って、正面カメラとセンサーケーブルコネクターの接続を外します。

FYI, in the video she uses the spudger for this but I think either one will work.

Julie Sanchez - 返信

  • プラスチック製の開口ツールを使って、ディスプレイのデーターケーブルコネクターの接続を外します。

  • デジタイザーケーブルを再接続する際は、コネクター中央を押さないでください。一方のコネクター端を押し込んでから、片方の端を押します。コネクターの中央を押さえてしまうと、コンポーネントが曲がり、デジタイザーにダメージを与えてしまいます。

Thanks you i fix it

God Hand - 返信

  • プラスチック製の開口ツールを使って、基板上のディスプレイデータケーブルの接続を外します。

How much is this to replace?

Alistair knight - 返信

And where could I buy from?

Alistair knight - 返信

After finishing the assembly I got the message “Touch ID cannot be enabled on this phone”. I found this connector was loose. Plugged it back in and that fixed it.

Bryan Province - 返信

Always make sure to disconnect the battery before you do any work on the phone replacing any parts the digitizer or anything. And before you start make sure the phone is turned off you don’t want any power surges. If you also have a static electricity bracelet that also is a plus to use but isn’t a necessity just a nice piece of mind. Some cases you do need to use one so you don’t discharge static electricity to an electrical component and mess it up.

Brent - 返信

Be very careful in this step. I noticed it’s very easy to tear the flex when trying to lift it out of its socket from the right side.

shoeib - 返信

What is the cable and how is it connected/fixed to the motherboard between the bottom socket and the screw hole.

Mine came loose somehow?

Jason Engelsman - 返信

I figured out my own question its the Wi-Fi diversity antenna cable. But how is it connected/secured to the motherboard?

Jason Engelsman - 返信

  • ディスプレイアセンブリを取り出します。

  • 再組み立ての際、ディスプレイ周辺に留められた接着タブ交換する場合はここで作業を止めて、このガイドを参照してください

You need to clarify where exactly these "adhesive strips around the display" are, what they look like, and where to purchase new ones from.

Anthony - 返信

You can see what they look like in this blog post. Hopefully we'll have replacement adhesive strips available in the future, but right now I don't know of any suppliers. Your phone will work fine without replacing the adhesive—if I had to guess, I'd say it's there as a little extra insurance against display wobble now that 3D Touch has users pushing harder on their phones.

Jeff Suovanen -

We now have a detailed guide for replacing the adhesive strips, and we should have them in stock soon. The guide has been updated to reflect this.

Jeff Suovanen -

For instructions on home button swap out to the new screen you just installed, go here

iPhone 6s Plus Home Button Assembly Replacement

Superior Office Systems - 返信

Do you know whether the adhesive contributes to waterproofing, or just for stability/adhesion?

Christa - 返信

@kitabel The iPhone 6s case isn’t waterproof, so I don’t think adhesive around the display is contributing anything other than stability. The 6s series does have some water resistance, but it’s mostly internal and not something Apple advertises.

Jeff Suovanen -

  • ホームボタンブラケットに留められた2本の1.9 mmプラスネジを外します。

Maybe this should be totally obvious, but it took me a minute or two to realize that this step is performed on the DISPLAY ASSEMBLY that was just removed, rather than the main body of the phone, which is the part on which all the previous steps were performed.

Tom - 返信

The new display came with a 1.9mm screw installed (the top left one above). This must be removed before putting back the home button bracket. It took me way too long to realize why I couldn’t thread the old screw back into the hole.

Brandon Mathew - 返信

  • ホームボタンブラケットを取り出します。


  • スパッジャーの先端を使って、ディスプレイアセンブリ上のコネクターからホームボタンケーブルの接続を外します。

Gently: this piece is attached to the plastic cabling, not the surface of the phone

Christa - 返信

  • 指先を使って、フロントパネルからホームボタンアセンブリのゴム製ガスケットを外すため、指先を使って丁寧にホームボタンをフロント側から押し上げます。

  • ガスケットは大変薄く、簡単に裂けてしまいます。一定の力加減でゆっくりと剥がしてください。


  • スパッジャーの先端を使って、ディスプレイアセンブリ上に軽く接着されているホームボタンフレックスケーブルを外します。


  • ホームボタンアセンブリを取り出します。

Make sure you remove any broken glass from around the button edges. Took me a few times to realize it had some glass on it.

johnarchitzel - 返信



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I swear a night time operation for a home button transfer was not easy! But... I pulled it off!

SerJay - 返信

Which part is difficult?

yinliangdl -

The only problem I experienced was that you have to re-use the black gasket around the home button. It was tricky to have to place it on the new home button, but I got it after a few tries.

Noah Donovan - 返信

can i still use the finger print scanner after changing the home button?

Ej Villar - 返信

No, the fingerprint scanner and logic board are paired during their manufacturing so if the original scanner is destroyed, you will never have Touch ID again. But you should regain the functionality of the button.

Dakota Martin -

Thanks for the guide. Had to switch over here from the screen assembly guide, as it did not include home button, and vice versa. But done, success, happy.

Christa - 返信

Does the fingerprint scanner still work with aftermarket home button?

Jerone Manley - 返信



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