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MacBook Pro is not turning on

Hey there everyone. I have a used macbook pro that I received from a friend for dirt cheap in hopes to fix it. The thing is in great condition, however doesn't turn on. He said it was working fine then shut off on him. When I power it on, I hear the Hard drive turn on for about 2 seconds then it clicks off. This is usually a tell tail sign of a logic board failure. The battery works and the thing charges, however I did notice that the battery indicator lights on the left side weren't working.

I took apart the case to get to the internals and, all though there is no water damage, the battery connector cable is broken. Seems like he must have tried to remove the battery and broke the cable connector.

The real question is, could this be causing the laptop from turning on? I read most forum posts and can't find anything linked directly to this but I did find one other person who was having the same problem and someone suggested that the mother board could not be kicking on because this cable is not plugged in or working (I've seen stranger things happen).

Anyone think that a working 15-20$ battery indicator cable would fix my issue or is it essentially a logic board problem and I need to be prepared to drop a few hundred if I want to get it fixed?

Any help would be appreciated!


Troubleshooting I've tried:

Turning it on, with battery power - Hard drive spins for 2 seconds then turns off the machine.

Turning it on, with out a battery on AC power - Hard drive spins and doesn't turn off. Mag light was orange when charging but now that the battery is charged it's green.

Turning it on, with a different HD - Hard drive spins for 2 seconds then turns off the machine.

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At this point you're telling us the battery & the battering charging logic is working.

I would recommend plugging in an external monitor to see if the display is the issue also try shining a flashlight through the back apple logo to see if the display backlight is the issue (poor mans backlight) do you see your desktop icons?

Check your keyboard does the caps light lighting? Also check the keyboard back light is it working?

The fact you do here the HD spinning up is good. You may need to take it out and using a USB to SATA adapter cable connect it to a second Mac to see whats on it and if it is able to boot the other Mac.

Check the other cables if someone was ruff with the battery connector then you may have a damaged cable or cable connector.

If all looks good then you likely need a new logic board - Good luck


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So currently when I have my mac plugged in and turn it on, the caps lock does not light up and neither does the keyboard light, but the hard drive is still spinning. When it's off the charger and on battery it doesn't stay on long enough to try the keyboard or see if the screen back light isn't working. I will go ahead and try and see if when charging, the back lighting might be the issue. I won't be able to test it with another mac or external monitor for a few days till I have those items available to me.

All the other cables look good and are plugged in properly. The only one that I've noticed is the battery indicator light cable being broken.



Inspect the broken cable. Maybe a screw made the damage and is shorting the system. I would remove the logic board from the case for testing purpose. Make sure the heat sink is still attached to the logic board, connect the fan, the HD, the DC in board and the magsafe charger (you need a normal green light on the magsafe tip) then jump start the logic board from the two power pads located near the keyboard socket. If the board power on, fan is running and you hear the HD loading then there's a good chance the logic board is ok. Now, if you have an external screen you can connect it to the board and check if you have video.


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Alright so I was able to do some more troubleshooting. I plugged it in and turned it on while attached to an external monitor and the monitor was just black.

I removed the Battery, unplugged the keyboard ribbon and jump started the logic board, still only the hard drive was spinning. The fan on the logic board is not spinning and the macbook is not booting up at all.

Could it still be the logic board considering, I get a mag safe green light on my charger and I can jump start it so the hard drive spins? Unless it is a specific part of the logic board that is ruined.

I tried looking around the logic board for any signs of water damage however I was not able to find any.

Any other ideas or suggestions? Or should I just accept this as a loss and move on?


Well the logic board seems to have what it takes to start up but I think the SMC module receives a signal from somewhere on the logic board to shut off power. Maybe the fact that the fan itself or its circuitry is faulty is a call to the SMC to abort the start up to protect the machine.


Okay, a fan is only 6 bucks on line so I think Ill go ahead and give that a shot for starters. Maybe the fan is dead. Anyway I can check the fan manually?


You'll need an app to monitor the temps and fan. I personally like Temperature Gauge Pro, but there are others out there that are just as good. But alas this is only helpful when the system is running (which isn't the case here).


Given the state of your system I still think you have a bad logic board. True you do have some functions working, but you have to remember your logic board has more than one processor. The SMC services is it's own micro-processor. So the fact the batter charger is working only tells us the SMC part of the logic board is OK. Not the main CPU, I/O controller or even the GPU.




I have the same exact problem happen to me yesterday, still not working.

Except I did find a loose screw (fan screw) just sitting on my motherboard. I put it back in and do you think it might have caused a shortage?

Please let me know what helped I have files for work and I'm way behind now.


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