Distorted or Empty Recordings ¶ 

As you are recording, you are receiving a distorted audio that is ruining your record.

Switch on Lo Cut feature ¶ 

If you are getting a distorted audio in quieter settings, you may not be using the lo cut feature of the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder. The lo cut feature allows you to filter the unwanted background noise (i.e. wind blowing outside) from your recording. To access the lo cut feature, the switch will be located on the back of the device.

Plug in Headphones ¶ 

If you are still experiencing audio distortion, the built-in speaker may not be functioning properly. This would make your audio recordings sound distorted during playback. To eliminate this possibility, plug in a pair of headphones and listen to playback through them. If the playback is clear, your problem is with the speaker. Go here to find out how to replace the built in speaker. If problem persists, move on to next step.

Ensure it is Not the Speakers ¶ 

Try plugging in an external microphone and taking another audio recording. If your sound is still distorted, then the issue lies with the speaker malfunctioning. Check our repair guide for step by step instructions to replace the speaker.

Record Audio on Computer ¶ 

If you are still receiving audio distortion, either one or both of the built-in microphones of the device is not functioning properly. After recording a file, play it back on a computer. If the recording is not in stereo, this means that one of the two microphones is malfunctioning. If the file is present but there is no sound, then both microphones are malfunctioning and should be replaced. Check out our guide to find out how to replace the microphones.

Device Won’t Turn on ¶ 

You are unable to power on your device, or it is not functioning at all.

Replace Battery ¶ 

If the recorder is not turning on, you should change the battery. The Zoom H1 Handy Recorder has a known design flaw that causes it to drain the battery even while not in use. A dead battery should be the first thing checked for.

Clean Battery Terminals ¶ 

If the new batteries do not have an effect, and your device continues to be non responsive, it is possible that the terminals where the batteries are placed could be corroded. If the terminals appear to have a green crust on them, try cleaning off the terminals and using the fresh batteries one more time.

Replace Terminals ¶ 

If cleaning the terminals is also ineffective, it is possible that the terminals themselves are damaged and will have to be replaced. See our replacement guide for step by step directions in making this replacement.

Device Won’t Connect to Computer ¶ 

When trying to record audio onto a computer the device won’t connect.

Try Another USB Cable ¶ 

To ensure the problem is not with the cable itself, use another cable and attempt to connect the device again.

Try Another Device ¶ 

If the device will not connect even with a new USB cord, try a working device on the same USB port. If the working device works, then the USB port on the recorder needs to be replaced. Go here for instructions.

Can’t Listen to Playback Through Headphones ¶ 

Unable to listen to audio recordings with headphones plugged in.

Try Another Set ¶ 

To ensure that it isn’t because of broken headphones, you should try listening to playback through another set of headphones.

Unable to Use an External Microphone ¶ 

Device will not allow you to record using an external microphone.

Ensure it is not the Microphone ¶ 

Test the microphone on another device to ensure that it works properly.

Line-in Port Needs Replacement ¶ 

If the microphone works properly, then the line-in port needs to be replaced. Go here to view the guide to replace this port.

Recordings Being Cut Short ¶ 

Audio recordings are being cut off earlier than intended.

Adjust the Bit-rate ¶ 

If your recordings have been unintentionally being cut-off, the size of the file may be the issue to this problem. The recordings on the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder have a maximum file size of 2 GB. Any file larger than that will be cut off at the 2 GB marker. You can change the bit-rate by pressing the fast forward button on the time remaining screen to increase it, or pressing the reverse button on this same screen to decrease it. Decreasing it will allow you to fit more audio into the 2 GB limit, but may decrease the quality of the recording.

i am no longer able to erase. when trying to record, it says card full.

Scott Schwager - 返信

Scott, I'm have the same problem. Did you find a fix?

Marsa -

Hi there, i am unable to make any recording. Although i deleted all the files, it says "card is full". Do you know how to fix it? Thanks, esin.

frannyfrann -

pull out the memory card, plug it in a computer then perform a reformat on the memory card.

hope this solve your mystery

jeromepalermo -

Same problem, formatted card on computer, still getting Card Full error. And when I try to format with the recorder it says Format error and then blinks Card Access forever. Really frustrating. Just realized I didn’t record my last few weddings, because when I saw Card Full, I just pushed record again and by the timer it appeared to be recording, but no files on the card. UGHHHH.

Marty Reinhardt -

I had the same problem. What I ended up doing was collecting my files that were still on my trash folder and putting them back into my zoom. Then I deleted the files from my zoom recorder instead of my computer. What also happened is that some old files that I knew I did not have in my trash anymore re-appeared in my memory card. At that point, I just changed their name into ZOOM0001 (increase number if several) and my zoom recognised them and I was able to delete them again. Went from 14min available to 1h55 thanks to that. Hope it helps!

inesmurer.hp -

the remain time is extremely low for .wav setting, even though I erased all recordings. Any thoughts on fix?

linnea - 返信


I'm getting same problem. Did you get any helpful information?


Nat -


Please, help me with my issue!

The device blocks/stucks during playback or recording.

- If it's at playback - starts to beep louder.

- If it's at recording - stops to record.

In both cases the operation knobs become insensitive and I have to remove the battery to restart it.

No way to use it this way.


Vladimir Samurkov - 返信

Hello Is anybody answering herer or not? Did Frannyfranny get hep? Where can I see this answer? Otherwise this forum is useless. I have the same problem. My gf helped me emptying the card once so I know It can be done but the problem persists and Its frickin annoying. My souultion for next time since I wont forget another time, is to remove files one by one through the device after copying to computer. NOT deleting thru computer (mac). Maybe the problem is created by the mac but anyway the problem is there.

Ola K - 返信


I upgraded to firmware 2.1, and after that, my zoom H1 is not recognized by my windows 7 as a microphone. From the zoom H1 end, everything seems to be ok, as the <audio> text comes on the screen, and I select it, but, the computer says there is no microphone device attached.

Earlier, when I was using firmware 2.0, this problem was not there.

Aalok Srivastav - 返信

Line-in Port seems to not to be working, and I bought the Zoom H1 today. The external microphone I'm using is a Røde mosquito, which I have tested both before and after with an iPhone7 and there the Røde works just fine. I don't have time to get back to the shop where I bought it and my flight is due tomorrow. It's strange if it should be the line-in port. It's brand new. Are there any known problems using external microphones?

Holger Wendt - 返信

So crazy. I’m having the EXACT same problem. Brand new, and cant connect an external mic! Did you figure out your issue?

juliesalz -

Hi! My On/Off Button of my Zoom H1 is broken.

How can I fix this?

I hop someone can help me with it!


Alrik - 返信

Hi I was using my Zoom H1 normally in the Windows vista and 7 without problem, but the last time that I open the HD in those windows the main file with the records simply doesn't show any more only the other files. I try it on in the Windows 10 without problem also, the file is there.

Andre Pinho - 返信

How can I fix this problem to use the Zoom H1 in windows vista and 7?

Andre Pinho - 返信

I'm having the strangest problem.

So I just bought a Zoom H1, and a Boya lavalier mic.

The zoom picks up audio fine when I plug in a shot gun mic to the line-in. But gets absolutely no signal when I plug in the lavalier mic.

Thinking it's the lavalier mic's problem, I test it out on my mobile phone and (lo and behold) the lavalier works with the phone!

the H1 and the mic both work individually, but when you put them together, I get no signal... Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!

Terence Lee - 返信

Im having exact same problem as Terrance. Did you get it working? I also tried aux amp to zoom and no go :(

mike_020304 - 返信

Hi all

The issue I have with the H6 is that doesn’t communicate properly with my laptop due to its channel 1 says 3 on Pro Tools and I can’t get the other ones.

On the H6 everything seems fine, being able to record by itself, but when I connect it to my laptop I can’t get the other channels plus the Ch 1 is on Ch 3 on laptop.Any idea? I’m also trying to update the firmware but doesn’t recognise the file. Let me know your thoughts please!

Antonio - 返信

hello the wav file i created on the H1 won’t play on my SandDisk mp3 player and i did test another wav file i have that does work on it, but the wav file that works is 750 kbps, but the H1 wav file property is showing 1141 kbps. So i recorded with each of the bit rate settings and the wav files still show a 1141 kbps value. So i’m wondering why when i change the bit rate for a recording to the lowest level, its still showing 1141 kbps, thanks for any suggestions!

bob kennelly - 返信

my play button no longer works

preci0usss - 返信

I use zoom h1 as an usb mic on my android when i select 44.1 k its lower down my pitch and at 48 k my audio tempo speeded . What is the solution plz tell me

Saurav Musiclover - 返信


My H2 next records audio for one minute exactly then recording stops….. Someone please help me correct.

Thank you in advance

Larry Zens - 返信


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