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Toshiba Satellite A75-S226 Troubleshooting

Your computer will not turn on.

If the power supply is bad the computer will run on battery power but will not charge the battery. To check this try using a different power supply. If the problem persists the DC-in board could be bad.

If the DC in board is bad the laptop will not run using the power adapter and the battery will not charge. If the laptop still does not turn on with a new power supply then the DC-in board needs to be replaced.

If the hard drive cable is not fully plugged in the computer may not be able to boot properly. Try unplugging the hard drive cable and then plugging it back in, making sure that it is fully seated in the hard drive.

If the memory in the computer is bad the computer will try to turn on but will then immediately shut off. First try taking the memory out and reseating it after cleaning the contacts. If this does not fix the problem the memory needs to be replaced.

"As soon as the power supply is unplugged the computer shuts down."

If the battery is dead, the computer will run using the power adapter, but will turn off when unplugged. Make sure the battery is charged fully and then try to turn on the laptop. If the laptop turns on with the power supply attached but will not boot without it then the battery needs to be replaced.

If the screen goes bad the computer will turn on but the screen will be black. To verify that the problem is the screen connect the computer to an external monitor. If the external monitor shows what is on the computer then the graphics card is okay and the screen needs to be replaced.

"the computer will not connect to the Internet"

If WiFi won't connect check to see that the WiFi switch on the right side of the laptop is in the on position. If the switch is in the on position make sure that the WiFi device is enabled in the Windows Device Manager. If the WiFi card is enabled and it still won't connect then the WiFi card needs to be replaced.

If the Ethernet connection will not connect, check to see that the pins in the ethernet port are not bent. If any pins are bent use a small flat screwdriver to bend them back into place. If no pins are bent make sure that the ethernet device is enabled in the Windows Device Manager.

If the laptop is getting hot it could cause the operating system to freeze. If the bottom of the laptop feels hot then check to see if the fans are running. If the fans are not turning on when the computer is getting hot then they need to be replaced.

If the drive won't open take a paperclip and press the round release button next to the eject button.

If the CD drive goes bad it will not recognize the disc. If a disk is not recognized first try another disc. If the drive still does not recognize the presence of a disc the CD drive may need to be replaced.



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