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Heater Won't Turn On

No matter what you try, your heater still does not turn on.

Heater Is Not Getting Power

Try the following troubleshooting steps to see if there is an issue with your wall outlet, the safety tip switch, or your power switch.

Bad Wall Outlet

If the heater won't turn on make sure it is plugged in. If it is and still won't turn on check and see if there is power to the outlet it is plugged into. To do this, plug a different device into the same outlet. If the other device does not turn on, the outlet might be bad. Try plugging the heater into a different outlet in a different part of the house. If the heater turns on the problem is not with the heater.

Safety Tip Switch Might Be Open or Broken

Another thing that could cause your heater not to turn on is the Safety Tip Switch. The tip switch is a safety feature that shuts the heater off if it is tipped over. Shutting the heater off if it tips helps prevent fires.

If your heater is not upright, place it upright and see if it turns on. If the heater still wont turn on after placing it upright your tip switch may need replacement. Royal Heat RS-100 Tip Switch Replacement

Bad Power Switch

You have checked the wall outlet and made sure your heater is upright, but it still won't turn on. If this is the case you may have a bad power switch or loose wiring to the power switch. If you think your power switch needs replacing, here is a guide to show you how to do it. Power/Fan Switch Replacement Guide

Heater does not cycle on/off

The heater runs continuously and does not cycle on and off regardless of the temperature setting.

Bad Heater Location

Try moving the heater to a different location. The problem might be that there is a cold draft of air continuously flowing over the heater. If this happens the air around the heater is constantly being replaced with cold air causing it to run continuously. If you move the heater and the problem continues you might need to replace the thermostat switch. (link to thermostat switch installation guide)

Heater Does Not Work At Certain Wattage Setting (temperature)

If your heater works only below a certain wattage (temperature) setting the thermostat switch might be bad.

Bad Thermostat (temperature) Switch

Turn your heater on in a COLD room. Start with the lowest possible setting on your temperature switch. If the heater turns on, move the temperature switch gradually to a higher temperature setting. Continue increasing the temperature until the heater shuts off. If the temperature on which the heater shut off is below the temperature of the room the thermostat switch may need replacement. If the heater ALWAYS turns off in the same location of the dial the thermostat switch needs to be replaced. Royal Heat RS-100 Thermostat Replacement

Heater Does Not Blow Air

The heater turns on, the element gets hot, but does bot blow air.

Broken Fan

If the heater is turning on but not blowing air there might be a problem with the fan. In order to check the fan you'll need to open the heater to get access to the fan. Use your hand and try to spin the fan manually. If the fan spins freely check to see if the fan is getting power. If the fan is hard to spin with your hand you may need to replace the fan. Royal Heat RS-100 Fan Replacement

Constantly Blows Fuse Or Trips A Circuit Breaker

The heater constantly blows a fuse or trips circuit breaker.

This could be normal, or fan may be going bad.

Heaters with heating elements by design draw a lot of current. This is how the heat is produced. They turn electrical energy into heat energy. Because of this it is sometimes normal for a heater to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker. This will most likely occur at the higher temperature settings. If this problem is occurring at lower temperature settings you may have an issue with the fan. If the fan is going bad the motor that spins it will draw additional current as the fan becomes increasingly harder to spin. This additional current could cause the fuse to be blown or circuit breakers to trip. To check and see if the fan is the problem check out the Check Fan link above.

If you think your heater has blown its fuse you can replace it using this guide RS-100 Fuse Replacement.



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