Nintendo 3DS XL Troubleshooting

The Nintendo 3DS XL was released July 28, 2012 in Japan and August 19, 2012 in North America. It can be identified by Model #SPR-001.

Nintendo 3DS XL will not turn on ¶ 

If you keep pressing the power switch and nothing is happening.

Battery is not charged ¶ 

Ensure the power adapter is fully plugged into the device. Also check to make sure that the appropriate AC adapter is being used in order to charge the device.

Defective battery ¶ 

There may be a problem with the current battery in the device if it still doesn't work after charging with the right AC adapter. Rechargeable batteries have issues over time and if the device has been through many charging cycles then the overall capacity will decrease. In that case, the battery will need to be replaced. Go to the Nintendo 3DS XL Battery Replacement Page for a step by step guide on battery replacement.

Defective power button ¶ 

It is a possibility that the power button may be damaged. In order to make sure that the power button is not damaged, press the power button. If functioning correctly, there should be a green or red LED light on the side of the device that turns on. If the power button is not functioning it will need to be replaced.

The upper screen is black ¶ 

The upper screen on the device has no picture no matter how many times I press the power button!

Back light settings have been changed ¶ 

The back light can be accidentally turned off in the settings of the device. There is an alarm setting that can cause the back light to turn off after a certain amount of time. Another issue with the settings is that the back light can be turned off completely. Look at the lower screen in order to see if the settings are set correctly.

Back light is defective ¶ 

The Upper LED may need to be replaced if the screen still remains black. The Upper LED can be replaced using the Upper LED Replacement Guide. By using this guide you will be able to reach the section of the device that will enable you to replace the screen.

Touchscreen is not responding ¶ 

If you touch the touchscreen, but no contact is registering then it may need to be replaced.

Device is not calibrated ¶ 

Not calibrating a Nintendo 3DS XL has the potential to doom your game, even before you've started playing. Make sure that your device is calibrated with a stylus. The calibration section of your device is under settings. Not calibrating with a stylus properly will lead to delayed or unwanted actions from your game's characters. That's never fun so make sure to calibrate correctly!

Dirty screen ¶ 

If the screen is dirty the sensitivity will decrease. Take a lint free cloth and wipe off the screen to remove debris. There also might be a problem with your screen protector if you have one. The screen protectors are capable of lowering the sensitivity of the touchscreen, especially when dirty. It might be a good idea to invest in a new screen protector to help your game play.

Lodged debris ¶ 

Debris may be stuck in the sides of the touchscreen. If you find any foreign objects that don't belong on the edges of the touchscreen use a brush to carefully remove the debris. Any time that you make changes or adjust your touchscreen make sure to recalibrate afterwards.

Defective touchscreen ¶ 

Your beloved touchscreen, scratches and all, might have reached its last Mario level and finally need replacing. Luckily, we have a Nintendo 3DS XL Touchscreen Replacement Guide that will take you through the steps necessary to replace your current touchscreen with a shiny new one.

Game is not recognized ¶ 

You have a game in the slot, but the system is not recognizing it.

Debris in device slot ¶ 

You got your Nintendo 3DS XL extremely dirty? Don't worry, there is still hope! Carefully brush any visible debris away with a soft brush.

Debris in game slot ¶ 

Maybe your game cartridge is what's really dirty? Carefully remove any debris from the game pack slot with a soft brush.

Circle pad is stuck ¶ 

If your thumb is about to fall off from extreme efforts to make the circle pad function correctly, it may need to be fixed!

Debris obstructing the circle pad ¶ 

Your circle pad isn't quite moving like it used to? Foreign objects might be the reason it has been so difficult to level up your favorite Pokemon. To reach the portion of the Nintendo 3DS XL that holds the circle pad head over to the Circle Pad Replacement Guide for a step by step guide. Once you reach the circle pad you should be able to clean any debris that may have accumulated since you purchased your device.

Defective circle pad ¶ 

Even after all of the cleaning the circle pad still isn't functioning? Don't worry, there's still going to be Mario in your future. However, the circle pad will need to be replaced if defective. By following the Circle Pad Replacement Guide you will be able to reach the defective circle pad in your device and swap it out for a new one that will have you back playing your games in no time!

Microphone will not register voice ¶ 

No matter how loud you are speaking, your Nintendo 3DS XL still can't hear you.

Microphone not necessary for current game ¶ 

Not all games are compatible with voice and the microphone may not be necessary, hence the audio not being registered. Go back to the user guide that came with the original game in order to check that the microphone is needed.

Debris obstructing microphone ¶ 

Dropped your Nintendo 3DS XL too many times into the dirt? Maybe not, but there could still be debris that ends up in your microphone due to everyday use. Disassemble and clean the microphone area to remove the debris. In order to reach the microphone area go to the Microphone Replacement Guide for information on disassembly.

Defective microphone ¶ 

Still not working? The microphone may need to be replaced. Head over to the Microphone Replacement Guide for information on disassembly. The guide will take you through the steps necessary to have your new microphone ready for replacement right away.

will not play games shuts off every time you put a game in, it has a full charge, it works fine for everything els but playing games

pinsonterry - 返信

If the game isn’t working, try to shove a thin piece of cardboard or perhaps even a clothing tag in along with the game. It worked for my original DS, which I got for free because the game wasn’t showing up when the system turned on. Note that this seems like a horrible option, but it honestly worked for me after a few tries and putting the game in a certain position in the game slot. Also note that this was an ORIGINAL ds system, so it may not work for a 3DS, but if all else fails, try this BEFORE attempting to take the ds apart!!

Technical Difficulties -

tried everything you suggest to get the system to recognize the game in the slot but still won't work. Had it less than a month before it broke.

jatela417 - 返信

There needs to be a replacement guide for the 3DS XL cartridge reader. It's different then the NEW 3DS XL

sweetesttootsieroll - 返信

The game is not reading ok

Kaylynn Loftquist - 返信

3ds will not charge or turn on

(possibly the connections need to be resoldered)

Antonio - 返信

The Nintendo 3DS switch does not turn on the top screen 3DS Settings.

So that Nintendo 3DS part on the top screen has been short circuited for a few months after it had fell to the floor within the car. I had sold the 3DS XL back to Gamestop as the Nintendo 2DS with 3DS Cartridge Slot, since only the Nintendo 2DS function still works. It’s sad that the 3DS function had died due to a short circuit. Weeping.

Alec Heesacker - 返信

My 3ds xl won't connect to my Wi-Fi having issues and it's not my Wi-Fi it works fine what's wrong with it

Sheri & Leon - 返信


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