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Magic Bullet NutriBullet Troubleshooting

The NutriBullet, family of the Magic Bullet, is one of the most efficient blenders to extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds.

The blender will not respond and does not show any signs of powering up.

Check to make sure the cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet. The wall outlet must provide a minimum of 120 volts. Any voltage less than 120 volts will not turn the NutriBullet on.

Inspect to see if the cord is torn or wire is exposed. If it is, then follow these guidelines to replace the cord.

Check the cup you're using to see if a tab has broken off. If it has, the blender will not power up.

The device is blending food, but there are evident leaks and spillage.

Check to see that the extractor blade is screwed onto the cup lid properly by using the ridges on the cup as a guide. If it still does not screw on properly, order a new one here.

There is a rubber seal called the gasket on the underside of the extractor blade. This helps to secure it to the cup and prevent leakage. If it is torn or ripped, follow this guide to replace it.

Ensure the cup is tightly secured and locked into the high-torque power base. There are three slits on the powerbase that match the three lips located on the side of the cup.

Detach the cup from the high-torque power base and inspect all parts of NutriBullet powerbase to ensure no cracks are found. If there is a crack, the NutriBullet could expose wires or fast moving components. If a crack is found on the base, replace it. If a crack is found on the cup or lid, purchase a new one.

Although the device is plugged in and on, the blades refuse to turn.

The makers of the NutriBullet recommend that you do NOT blend for more than 1 minute. Prolonged use of the machine can cause the motors to wear out quickly, which can affect the blades.

If the blades do not turn and you notice a burning smell, unplug the power base and let it cool for an hour. The powerbase will reset once the unit is unplugged.

In order for the NutriBullet to blend, there are special white activators on the top of the power base which begins the blending process. If the blades fail to turn when the cup is in the powerbase, the activators could be stuck. Follow these instructions to replace the activators.

The blades will not blend food items fully or takes a long time to do so.

First, unplug the NutriBullet from the outlet and remove the extractor blade to clear any obstruction or build up of food. Be careful not to cut or injure yourself in the process.

Depending on which cup you are using (30 oz Short Cup or 45 oz Oversized Cup), there is a max line which determines how much food or liquid is recommended. Surpassing the max line could prevent the blades from cutting or blending food.

Blades may be dull and new replacement blades can be ordered here.

When you are using the NutriBullet, the machine stops suddenly during use.

Ensure that the cord is still plugged in the wall and has not come out during its use.

Loose wires and other internal components from the device may become exposed during the course of use. If so, please refer to the replacement guide on how to replace the outside casing, which makes it easier to work on internal parts of the device.

I would like to point out there is a flaw concerning the base attachment. The flaw being the direction the base rotates in will cause the cup to become loose. This in turn causes the unit to leak. Refitting with left hand threaded cups and blade assemblies would alleviate this problem.

henrysisson - 返信

I have just purchased a 900W machine and it leaks like a sieve!! there is nothing broken or torn the cup just seams to come undone whilst the machine is running, this is hopeless

Helen -

My Nutribullet cup with blades attached will not drop down into the blending mechanism. It stops about an inch above, so doesn't get close the the white activator switches. What is it hitting? How can I fix this?

astarrfire - 返信

I have this same problem, have you found a resolution?

babehre -

I have the same problem today, have you find any answer?

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