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The light indicating the toaster is on will not work.

Typically a faulty indicator light is a result of a wire problem or a burnt out light bulb. A repair or replacement may need to be performed.

The door won’t open or close properly or the handle falls off.

Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the door’s path and preventing it from closing. If the problem persists, there may be a loose screw or faulty spring in need of repair.

One of the knobs is missing or broken.

First make sure that the knob is securely connected to the device. If the knob does not stay on by itself, glue can be used to reattach it. This knob repair guide will lead you how to fix it. If the knob is broken, you will need to buy a replacement. Typically the knob is made from plastic and can break or come off with misuse or overuse.

The toaster oven does not heat up properly.

First check that the knobs are turned to the correct temperature. If knob is not functioning properly see “Knob Doesn’t Work or Falls Off.” Next check that the toaster oven is properly connected to a functional outlet (see “Oven Does Not Turn On”). If the heating coil does not turn a reddish color when on, there may be a connection problem from the coil to the power source in need of repair.

Food crumbs and remnants can prevent the heating mechanism in the oven from working properly. This can be fixed with a thorough cleaning.

If the oven has been in use for a while, the wires may have broken or come loose. Reconnecting and repairing the wires may fix this problem.

If you are unable to troubleshoot your toaster oven using the suggestions above, it may be more cost and time effective to replace the oven with a new one. This should be a last resort. Repairing the electrical heating components of the oven requires having a more advanced mechanical and electrical background.

If your power supply faulty, you will not be able to turn your toaster oven on when it is plugged into the wall. This guide will leads you to perform a basic fix to the power supply.

First ensure that the device cord is securely inserted into the wall outlet. If the problem persists, try another wall outlet. If you are still not able to turn on your toaster oven, you may have a faulty power cord that may need be repaired.

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The timer is ticking the lights are on but the oven isn’t getting hot. I smell plastic burning when on and don’t hear the fan on.

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My air fryer doesn’t seem to be blowing any air it heats up but no fan?!?!? Help!!

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Beeper stopped working

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