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Canon PowerShot SD790 IS Troubleshooting

No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on.

Before delving into the guts of your Camera, hold the power button down.

Ensure that both the memory card slot and battery cover are closed.

Replace the battery or plug the camera in using the AC adapter to charge the battery.

Remove the battery, so you can clean the terminals. Replace the battery after cleaned.

It is possible that your camera is turning on, but the LCD is still showing a black screen. The display will need to be replaced. To do so follow our guide to replacing the LCD screen.

Remove batteries for a couple of minutes and add a fresh set and turn the camera on. If that doesn't work, try pressing and holding the Function or OK button while turning the camera on.

Remove batteries and memory card. Then, install new batteries, and turn on the camera.

Insert the cameras Audio/Video (AV) cable and turn the camera on. This will ensure that the camera's LCD screen remains off during the start process.

Place the camera flat on its back on a table and press and hold the shutter button down. At the same time press the power-on button.

Blow compressed air in the gaps around the lens barrels. This is done to blow out any sand or grit that may be in there jamming the lens.

Tap the padded/rubber USB cover on a hard surface with the intent of removing any particles that may be jamming the lens.

First you will need to remove the outer cover plates. Then you will need to replace the release button.

Hold down the power button to turn the camera on.

Change the camera orientation or press any button other than the power button to turn the camera back on.

The LCD screen may be malfunctioning, and will need to be replaced. Just follow our LCD Replacement Guide.

Check the connections at both the camera and the computer.

Restart the camera software on the computer.

Go to Canon's website and locate the latest firmware updates for the camera and device drivers and camera software updates for the computer.

Uninstall and reinstall the software. If possible, find the latest version of the software on Canon's website.

If this does not work, you could try installing the software in safe mode. Restart your computer in safe mode. Uninstall then reinstall the camera software.

You will need to replace the USB port.

First start by removing the outer cover plates, then follow our USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (mini-B jack) repair guide.

Don't worry this is a pretty simple fix. Just follow our upper right slider button repair guide.

When I turn my camera on the screen says "lens error, restart camera". How do I do that? Pressing on/off button just gives me same message. Have removed the battery and that did nothing.

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