Check out the Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles Troubleshooting page for solutions to some common problems.

Manufactured by Jakks Pacific, the Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles feature real night vision, along with simulated thermal vision and ghost recon vision. A built-in camera also provides the ability to record and save photos and videos. However, this feature requires you to purchase a separate microSD card.

The device consists of a hard black plastic case with a single lens on the front end and a cluster of infrared LEDs on each side of the lens. The back end houses the eyepiece, which is surrounded by a rubber shroud. On the top of the device, there is an array of gray, orange, and green buttons and switches, as well as the microSD port, which is hidden by a small flap. A thin strap attached to each side allows these goggles to be carried anywhere. Power for the device is supplied by four AA batteries, which can be accessed by unscrewing a flap on the bottom side.

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