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Device Name: Sony Vaio Laptop

Model Number: PCG-71713L

Release Date: August 2014

Distinguishing Features: 15.6 inch Liquid Crystal Display Screen, Compact Disk Tray

Number of Devices Sold:

Major Facts: First branded Vaio Laptops (700 Series)

Important News: Be wary of using third party batteries as they aren't certified by Sony.

Device Recalls: The SonicStage®, SonicStage Mastering Studio™, OpenMG™ Jukebox, SonicStage™ Simple Burner, MD Simple Burner™, Net MD™ Simple Burner or VAIO Media™ Wireless software applications do not work properly after installing Microsoft® Windows® security update.

Official Sony Troubleshooting page: Sony Troubleshooting Page

Warranty and Manual: Sony Manual and Warranty

Important News: Sony News and Alerts


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