32 GB iPod Touch smashed screen/digitizer. Replaced; LCD now dead.

My husband dropped his iPod Touch (32 GB) while working out on treadmill. Smashed screen and digitizer but could still see the LCD homescreen and notifications. I replaced it with this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0049PQ... which is a pre-assembled glass/digitizer/chassis bezel. This seemed to go well, but now there is no picture at all. I thought perhaps it needed charging so I plugged it in for several hours - still nothing. When I plug it in, it does "sound" like it's connecting to a charge, and when I plug it into his iTunes account it says it is updating his iPod. Still nothing shows on the iPod screen. Please help!

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Looking closely, I see that under the ribbon connection in the upper left corner of the iPod Touch screen, one of the "teeth" on the connection is missing. I do not know if this is part of the motherboard and/or if this missing tooth basically makes the iPod unfixable. Does anyone have an answer to this? Thanks!





During the digitizer replacement you must have accidentally unplugged the LCD. You should be able to reuse the safe opening tools to reopen, plug the LCD back in and snap the digitizer back on (after plugging it in as well of course) follow the instructions found within ifixit and you should be back in business im short order.


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Thank you so much, Marc, for your quick response. I have to figure out now how to plug in the LCD. Do you have a link for that? Bless you!


So I guess this would be the same for the 32GB 3rd generation then, right? Thanks again.


Pat O since yours is listed as a 3rd Generation, here are the instructions.iPod Touch 3rd Generation Display Replacement and yes this goes for all 3rd gen regardless of storage space 32 or 64 same instructions. Good Luck


Thank you so very much!


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