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Can I remove the glass display cover, to get a "matte" display?

I have just had my trusty MacBook Pro replaced with a new 17" Core i5 version.

On the whole, I am very happy with it, but dislike the glossy screen.

If i was to remove the glass front panel, and replace it with the display bezel from a Matte Screened Version (eg here ) would the LCD that is currently behind the glass behave like a matte version or would it be unsuitable.

I have managed to find a source the display bezel from a matte screened MBP with a bleeding LCD, but don't want to purchase it if my current LCD will not be suitable.

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I found an article from a company that does this as a service -- They're talking about the 13" MBP, but I imagine the same principles would apply to your machine.

They say that they have to replace both the front glass and the LCD panel to get good results, so I would bet money that you would get poor results by just replacing the glass (in addition to voiding your warranty, etc, etc). You would probably be better off selling the MBP and buying one with the screen you want, or finding a complete display assembly to replace it with, or using one of these screen conversion services.


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I removed the glass on my late 2008 and I discovered that has a glossy lcd panel under the glass :-(


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You can remove it to buy a matte screen. You will never find the bezel new, but who cares, looks cooler without it. :)


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