Head gasket replacement instructions

How do I replace the head gasket on a 1966 chevrolet pickup series 10?

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@wofford5080 not enough information. The first generation had a few engine choices:

230 in3 (3.8 L) I6

236 in3 (3.9 L) I6

250 in3 (4.1 L) I6

261 in3 (4.3 L) I6

292 in3 (4.8 L) I6

305 in3 (5.0 L) V6

283 in3 (4.6 L) V8

327 in3 (5.3 L) V8

so you should let us know which engine your truck has. The standard engine for the '64-'66 was the 230 six but we do not want to guess