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Back camera not working anymore

Hi, I had to replace the power and sensor cable. By doing that I killed the display cable so I had to replace it as well.

After replacing the two things I realized that the rear camera is not working anymore.

If checked the contacts and the gold bracket, but all seems to be in well condition. I also couldn't find a broken camera cable.

Tried hard-reset. All other hardware operations are working except rear camera and led light.

Also tried to restore the whole device.

Any suggestions?

PS: The gold bracket is between case and logicboard? And not above logicboard?


Today I got the new camera and replaced it.

But it doesn't work.

Any other suggestions to do or to check?

// Front camera is working when I'm using facetime.


The U10 component (http://www.moulnisky.com/downloads/Apple...) seems to be a little bit damaged. Do you think that could be the reason?

How to remove the U10 component from the logic board?

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The gold bracket should look like this when it is installed correctly.

Block Image

This might effect the cameras operation so ensure this is correct before we go on to anything else.

If you have confirmed this bracket is correct and the camera still will not function then i suggest replacing the camera, seems like you haven't had much luck on this one. This guide will help you through the replacement (not like i think you need it).

Please let me know how you get on and as always if you ever need any help just ask.


Brendan Mills

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Hi I rechecked the gold bracket and it's installed correctly. I just ordered a new rear camera. I'll keep informing you if it helped changing the camera.


Same issue. Bracket was in place correctly.

I tried replacing the camera, still no go. Anybody find a solution?



Hi , I seem to have the same problem and did everything possible. I even replaced the camera too. So with all that said hopefully my fix will be your fix. I called Samsung direct and they told me to send it to them. Not being in warranty the cost was $70.00. I will let you no if that works when I get it back in 7-9 days :(


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After replacing my power cable my rear facing camera & LED stopped working as well. I took a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and wiped down the gold contact and metal camera surface. My camera and LED started working after that.


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