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Blessing a Cloned OS 9 System - solved

I cloned in a new hard drive with 10.4 & OS9 using Superdupper. The machine will boot to the new OSX but I get a flashing floppy disk when trying to boot straight from system 9. I suspect I need to "bless" the 9 but have forgotten how. Can anyone confirm the need for the blessing? I also went from an 80 GB drive to a 320, was the 120 GB maximum limitation still in effect?

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I'm still having problems with this machine. I followed macheads advise and it appears the OS9 is blessed. The machine will boot from system 10 and will open system 9 in classic mode. But if I try to boot straight from 9, I still get a flashing floppy with a question mark. I tried Target mode and ran Disk utilities. I also drug the OS9 system folder over. Any ideas on getting it to work. PS the other machine is an identical MDD and it boots fine straight to 9. This is a customer who does not want to move to system 10 because of the learning curve on the new Adobe products (and the costs). He does weekly full page newspaper adds and when taken to InDesign loses his formatting.


That's correct to boot in 9 you have to make a 120 or less partition for the boot volume.



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Drives larger than 128 GB are supported. Capable of booting Mac OS 9 and using Mac OS 9 applications within the Mac OS X "Classic" environment provided with Mac OS X 10.4.11 "Tiger" and lower ("Classic" is not supported starting with Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard").

To "bless an OS 9 system...

1. Boot from Install CD or other system via target mode (via firewire - USB will not work)

2. Close all your windows, then open your hard disk.

3. Choose by Name from the View menu. Verify that this System Folder no longer has the original Macintosh icon.

4.Open the System Folder, double-click on your System suitcase. Close the window which appears, then close the System Folder.

  • 1) If a picture of an original Macintosh does not appear in the middle of this folder's icon, open the System Folder again.
  • 2) Drag the System suitcase and the Finder to your hard disk icon.
  • 3) Close the System Folder.
  • 4) Open your hard drive and drag the System suitcase and the Finder on top of the System Folder icon. The original Macintosh icon should appear on the System folder immediately.

5. Restart your computer. It should start up from the original System Folder. If it does not, repeat the original clean install steps.

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SOLVED - the problem was with the 320 GB hard drive. It's OK with the machine and system 10, but will not work as a boot drive with OS 9. Seems like it's the OS 9 that won't take a drive over 120 GB not the machine.


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