Xbox One will not turn on ¶ 

Front light is not lit or Xbox one will not power up.

Device not plugged in ¶ 

Check to make sure that the power supply is plugged into a power outlet and that the other end is properly plugged into the Xbox One.

Bad power outlet ¶ 

If your device is still not turning on, try plugging directly into a different power outlet, not through a surge protector.

Bad power supply ¶ 

If the power outlet is providing power, but the console still does not turn on then the power supply may be the issue. Check the light on the power supply; if the light is solid white or orange then the power supply is working properly. If there is no light, unplug the supply and let it cool for 20 minutes, then try plugging it back in. If it still does not light up then you need to replace the power supply.

Bad motherboard ¶ 

If the power supply light is on but your device still does not turn on, then the motherboard may be the problem. If it is, you may need to replace the motherboard.

Disk drive not accepting disk ¶ 

The drive is making a clicking or grinding noise or not taking the disk.

Bad disc drive ¶ 

If the disc drive is clicking or making grinding noises then it is bad and should be replaced.

Television screen not displaying anything ¶ 

Xbox One is on but the television screen is still blank, static, or blue.

HDMI cord in wrong port ¶ 

If your television and Xbox are plugged in properly and turned on but your television does not display anything, the HDMI cable could be plugged into the wrong port. Check to make sure that the cable is plugged into the "HDMI OUT TO TV" port on the back of the console. Also make sure that the cable is plugged into the correct input port on the television.

Bad HDMI cable ¶ 

If the HDMI cable is plugged into the correct port but the television still does not display, the HDMI cable may be the problem and you should replace the cable.

Incorrect Xbox One settings ¶ 

If the cable works but the television does not display then the Xbox One may be configured incorrectly. You need to reset your display settings:

1. If there is a disc in the drive, eject it.

2. Press and hold the Xbox button for five seconds to turn off the console.

3. Press and hold both the Xbox button and the eject button until you hear a beep from the console.

Note: This will make the Xbox display in the lowest resolution. If you wish to change the resolution, follow the steps under the "TV not at best resolution" troubleshooting option.

TV issues ¶ 

If the Xbox still does not connect to the television then the TV may be the problem.

Xbox One not connecting to the internet ¶ 

Xbox One says that it can't connect or continually loses connection.

Router Malfunctioning ¶ 

If the console does not connect to the internet then your router may be the problem. Follow the factory directions to reset or power cycle your router. A general method of resetting a router is to:

1. Shut down your devices.

2. Turn off the modem, then the router and unplug the power cables.

3. Wait for 30 seconds.

4. Plug the power cords back in but do not turn them on.

5. Turn on your modem and wait for the lights to stabilize.

6. Switch on the router and wait for the lights to stabilize.

7. Turn your devices back on and check for internet connection.

Reconnect at a different time ¶ 

If your device still does not connect after power-cycling the router, try reconnecting to the internet in 1-2 hours.

Hard reset ¶ 

If the Xbox still does not connect to the internet, you should do a hard reset:

1. While the Xbox is on, press and hold the power button for five seconds and the console will power down.

2. Wait 30 seconds then press the power button to turn the device back on.

3. Try to reconnect to the internet.

Bad Wifi board ¶ 

If the Xbox still does not connect to the internet, you may have a bad wifi board and you may need to replace the Wi-Fi board.

TV not at best resolution ¶ 

Television isn't displaying in 720p or says that the settings are incorrect.

Incorrect settings ¶ 

If your TV is displaying the Xbox screen, but not at the best resolution, then your Xbox may be configured to the incorrect settings. To fix this you need to adjust your display settings:

1. Press the Xbox button on the controller to reach the Home screen.

2. Press the Menu button and select the Settings option.

3. In the Console settings column, select Display & sound.

4. Choose the appropriate display and picture settings for your TV.

Console turning off unexpectedly ¶ 

Console powers down in the middle of a game or shortly after turning on.

Incorrect settings ¶ 

If your Xbox turns off unexpectedly after a period of inactivity you may need to adjust the settings so that it does not turn off automatically:

1. Turn the console on and press the Xbox button on the controller to reach the Home screen.

2. Select the Settings option.

3. Select Power & startup then Turn off after.

4. Select your preferred period of inactivity before the console automatically powers down.

Bad ventilation ¶ 

If your Xbox still turns off unexpectedly then it may be improperly ventilated. If you receive a message saying that the console is getting improper ventilation then you should:

1. Turn off the console.

2. Wait at least an hour.

3. Move the console to a well-ventilated location.

4. Restart the console.

A well-ventilated location is one where there are no objects on, under or right next to the console. Ensure that all of the vents are clear and have good air flow.

Bad power outlet ¶ 

If your console turns off unexpectedly during use or inactivity, the power outlet may be bad or the power cord could be plugged in incorrectly. Try plugging the supply directly into a different outlet, not through a surge protector and check that the cord is properly plugged into the outlet and the console.

Bad power supply ¶ 

If the power outlet works but the console still turns off, the power supply may be the problem. Check the light on the power supply; if the light is solid white or orange then the power supply is working properly. If there is no light, unplug the supply and let it cool for 20 minutes, then try plugging it back in. If it still does not light up then you need to replace the power supply.

Disc drive not ejecting ¶ 

Disk will not come out of the disk drive or is stuck partway out.

Manually eject disc ¶ 

If your Xbox One will not eject the disc in the drive then you can manually eject it using a standard paper clip:

1. Power down the console and disconnect the power cord and any other cables connected to it.

2. Uncoil the paper clip.

3. Locate the yellow sticker behind the vents on the left side of the console. The sticker is close to the front of the Xbox near the disc drive.

4. Locate the eject hole next to the yellow sticker and insert the paper clip into it.

5. The disc should pop out of the drive slightly and you can pull it out the rest of the way with your hand.

Make sure that the disc isn't dirty or sticky and does not have a label that will prevent it from ejecting from the console again in the future.

Bad disc drive ¶ 

If the console frequently does not eject discs properly and you have checked that the discs are clean and should eject properly, then there may be an issue with your disc drive and you can replace the disc drive.

Wireless controller not connecting or not maintaining connection ¶ 

Console says your controller is not connected or is not responding to controller commands.

Bad controller batteries ¶ 

If your controller does not connect to your console or it frequently loses connection then you may need to replace the batteries in your controller or recharge the battery pack.


1. If the batteries in the controller are low then you may have only partial functionality, such as the vibration not working. This is a function of the controller to extend battery life and full functionality will return when the batteries are replaced or the battery pack is recharged.

2. If the batteries are low then the controller may have enough power to turn back on for a short period of time, but it will not stay on for long until the batteries are replaced or recharged.

3. Your wireless controller will function as a wired controller when it is plugged into the console with a USB-to-micro-USB cable. It can also be used in this capacity without batteries or a battery pack in the controller.

Controller out of range ¶ 

Xbox One controllers are designed to operate within 30 feet (9.1 meters) of the console. Be sure that you are within this range while trying to use your controller or the controller may lose connection.

Note: Other factors such as walls or wireless interference may also affect this range.

Wireless interference ¶ 

Check to see if there is another wireless device nearby such as a cordless phone or wireless router, or if there are metallic objects such as shelves in between the console and the controller. These objects may cause interference with the controller's wireless connection to the console.

Too many controllers are connected to the console ¶ 

If there are already eight controllers connected to the Xbox One then you will not be able to connect an additional controller.

Hard reset ¶ 

If the controller still does not connect to the Xbox One then you should do a hard reset:

1. While the Xbox is on, press and hold the power button for five seconds and the console will power down.

2. Wait 30 seconds then press the power button to turn the device back on.

3. Check to see if the controller connects to the console.

Reconnect the controller ¶ 

If the controller still does not connect then you can try to connect it to the console again:

1. Turn on both the Xbox One and the wireless controller.

2. Hold down the wireless connect button on the top of the controller until the Xbox button flashes.

3. Release the button then hold it down again. The light on the controller should stay on, indicating a connection to the console.

Bad controller ¶ 

If a specific controller still does not connect, but others successfully connect to the console, then you may need to replace your controller.

Bad Wifi board ¶ 

If you cannot connect any controllers to your Xbox One then the Xbox hardware may be the issue and you can replace the Wifi board.

Fan not working ¶ 

Fan is completely silent or making a harsh grinding noise.

Bad fan ¶ 

If the fan does not run when the Xbox One is turned on then it is defective and should be replaced.

You are a genius! Thank you I have been pulling my hair out trying to get my xbox one working upstairs to use on spare tv temp.TYSM.

nikkiskae75 - 返信

Thank you so much you rule


No picture of Xbox on TV. Have tried everything, even the 'eject' thing. Still no picture. Turned it on and off, still no picture. Xbox appears to be on with usual white ball light on front. Please help

Paul Lewis - 返信

I am going through the same thing

shawnjefferson71 -

im having the same issue

abdulgilani -

Yeah me to I am having this issue have you found any way to fix it yet?

Tommy Sherlock -

Same hear it's annoying

Tim -

Your HDMI port is bad and has to be replaced try holding on to the power button eject button and sync button at the same time until you hear two beeps an option to do a factory reset should come up on the screen if nothing happens but you still hear two beeps you might have a hard drive issue or an HDMI port is damaged

Zachary -

No power to my xbox, psu is working fine and tested on another xbox, when the psu is plugged into wall only is fine, but as soon as you plug it into the xbox the psu light goes off, therefor no power to xbox...please help!

melwraight - 返信

I just got my xbox one about a month ago and everything is working fine, but the last couple days when i turn on my xbox the white on the front doesnt come on. I dont think its a big deal but if anyone knows what going on feel free to assist.

Ashley Hopkins - 返信

If I leave the settings for the xbox one as always on I get a blue screen when trying to play a game if I haven't played in a couple of days. The only remedy is to pull the power cord. A soft reset does not fix the situation. This does not happen if I keep the always on option disabled. This is a software issue not a hardware or settings issue I believe. Does anyone else experience this.

robertoe542 - 返信

So just today my Xbox One has started to beep while playing forza 6 and has been ejecting the disc mid game is there any fix to this?

William Wirth - 返信

my controller is working my Xbox can run games but i can not press the home button on either of my controllers I tried using a windows 10 laptop to stream and press the home button but I can use all the other buttons on my controllers. please help. (Xbox one)

Benjamin Harris - 返信

My Xbox one keeps restarting itself when I try to play a game or open an app

Keith Walker - 返信

I spent 3 1/2 hours today trying to get my xboxone to work!!

I did all the trouble shooting.

The light was on one before it totally quit working. The light was white and and then it started blinking. So would that mean the fan or hard drive. My husband is not going to be happy.

Faye - 返信

My son has the Xbox 360 and my brother accidentally broke off the connector inside of it.. How can we get it out? Any suggestions??

Sabrina English - 返信

So basically. I press the power button on my console(Xbox 1)and it shuts off automatically. Like I press the power button it flashes white then turns back off. My power bricks is completely green but my console just shuts off. It started last night. I was playing some Halo5 and out of no where my console shuts off and my power brick and console make this motorcycle revving noise and the fan is going hay wire. I left it on from 2:30pm to 12:00 at night and it just shuts off. No idea why. No idea how. But all it does is flash white then cut off.

Zion Chavis - 返信

Can I get a solution to my problem that my Xbox is turning on and not showing anything on the tv and after half hour it show up the green loading screen of Xbox but stuck there. I guess it's really slow so what is the exact problem with my console. Is it the hard drive malfunction? Or something else which you would like to tell me.

ravisahitya54 - 返信

I turn my Xbox one on and the screen is green. Do you know what's wrong with it can it be fixed?

Michael Browning - 返信

My Xbox is coming up that's its wire to my internet but there no wire in the port so I can't Connect to wireless

Kyle - 返信

When I turn on my Xbox the green screen is on but not bringing up Xbox load screen any happy please

David cranston - 返信

Just disassembled the Xbox. Found on the back of the motherboard high traces of corrosion.

This seems to be some leftovers from production. I can make picture to post, if you like, ifixit team.

christian.volk - 返信

My disc drive is not registering disc spinning ok any ideas

bazevo79 - 返信

Disk drive is bad

Zachary -

Everytime my Xbox controller turns off for inactivity it sends my Xbox to the home screen. Someone help lol.

s15swac - 返信

got problem with disc drive not reading disc ganes

jackshittd - 返信

When i turn my xbox one on it shows the first green screen for less than a minute then it reloads i mean it restarts and i don't know whats wrong, can anyone help please?

leen ghareeb - 返信

So I was in the middle of watching a movie on netflix on my Xbox one s an in the middle of the movie the screen start blinking in an out then I start getting the fuzzy screen that kept blinking I reset it an I still keep getting the same thing when I turn it on can someone please tell me what's going on wit it I haven't even had it a year yet

Ciara - 返信

How do I fix the long loading green start up screen? I hate having to factory restart my box every other day. It's the xbox one black 1tb.

Marilyn Stenstrom - 返信

Sounds like a hard drive issue my friend has the same issue his stays on the green screen but does not give him the option to factory reset so I have to go in and turn in early and do a factory reset and it happens to him every other week it's weird because it randomly happens but everything saves well and all that so I'm still trying to troubleshoot only thing I have for right now is every time it happens just do a factory reset and keep your games and apps

Zachary -

My xbox1 froze while watching Netflix I have turned off at wall and back on 10 mind later and it still on the screen of the programme I was watching but loading up behind it its like a screen I can't see through please help me

Jake - 返信

Party overlay box stays in top left corner, can't text anyone or anything, and when holding down home button it brings me to a profile, anyone have the same problem?


Xbox will start but no connextiom to tv or controller. Also the controller keeps blinking. Help! By the way, the last couple of days my xbox will start with the screen telling me to connect the xbox to tv settimgs. Maybe that started it all.

Corina's Gaming - 返信

Help me please it's not working

NISH FJ - 返信

My xbox one will turn on and seem like it is working and the same with my controller but when i try to watch a dvd, play a game or even just try and sign in to a different account it says that something is not working and give you an error code to find out more information but the error code doesnt have any information

Victoria Bannon - 返信

XBox one console will accept game disc,but will not eject it,replaced the BD-ROM DRIVE with a replacement from nextec removed and reinstalled drive board as they are” key linked”, but still giving the same results, will load but will not eject(except manually) can this console be saved?

Kirk Churchill - 返信

literally nothing shows up like the Xbox is non-existent. And it’s not a bad output port cause it used to work perfectly fine. Please help

Malachi Holzman - 返信

or i’m just retarded cause i spent 3 months thinking it was broken when it was just preparing to update

Edit: Now it’s stuck at 53% -_-

Malachi Holzman -

My Xbox won’t detect the hdmi and the controller won’t connect either. The light goes on and I can turn the Xbox on from the controller, but then the controller light blinks looking for an Xbox signal. I tried reconnecting them but the button on the Xbox won’t work. Please let me know how to fix it, or if I need to buy another one

Mike O’Farrell - 返信

Any tips on how to get an HDMI cable that was put into the wrong port out? It’s really jammed in there, thanks to the strength and perseverance of my 12 year old…

Shannon Meyer - 返信

My xbox and brick lights turn off unexpectedly when im active on it and when i unplug the brick and back in it wont work but if i blow in the back where the plug in it turns on back to standby orange does the same thing over again it been getting worse now idk what it means

nick171 - 返信

What I do when turn on my xbox one console and my tv screen turns blue

Austin Parrish - 返信

So i have the original xbox controllers and i have this extension:

So i tried them out on my Xbox one and it did not work everything was plugged in the wright way(HDMI, power cord, and the Xbox controllers) but the controllers would not work even though they were plugged in on the back of the xbox one. What do I do?

Ean Nelson - 返信


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