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Motorola v180 Troubleshooting

The Motorola v180 is a flip phone released in March of 2004. It has a front screen display and an LED screen on the inside.

Screen is Black and Unresponsive

There is a small button under where the screen opens. Many people have reported problems linking this to a nonworking screen.

The ribbon connecting the top and bottom halves of the phone can wear out over time, causing the screen to not work. This will require replacing the Flex Cable Ribbon.

A master reset may need to be attempted (will not delete data). You can also try to clean the display.

Phone Will Not Charge

Make sure the battery and charger are not damaged, also check that the contacts in the case are clean. When the device is plugged into the charger, an indicator light should turn on; if not, plug into a different outlet. If light still does not turn on, try using a different charger and/or battery (if available). If none of these work, there is a problem with the phone's hardware.

Unresponsive Buttons

Check for physical damage. Remove battery door and take out the battery. Check the indicator on the battery. If it is red or pink, this is a sign of water damage. If it is white, there is a problem with phone and keypad may need to be replaced.

Unresponsive Buttons

Try a master reset, which will return the phone to its original settings. If this does not work, a master clear might, but be sure to save any data beforehand that you want to keep.

If there was any physical damage to this part of the phone, it may need to be replaced by the company. Check to see if it is still under warranty.

Information Cannot Be Read

If your phone is not reading the information on the SIM card, try replacing it with another person's compatible card, if possible. If the phone does not read this new card, it may be a problem with the internal component that reads the card.

Sound Problems

Make sure the volume is turned up and not muted. Some areas with poor reception may also cause dampened noise levels. If the problem continues, it may have to do with the antenna.

See above step for "No Sound."

If none of the above problems can be fixed, it may be caused from a bad motherboard. See our repair guide on how to replace this.



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