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Magellan RoadMate 5120-LMTX Troubleshooting

Released May 2011, identified by product code RM5120SGLUC.

Device is frozen or unresponsive

Your Magellan 5120-LMTX receiver does not respond to any input.

Device had a software glitch

Sometimes devices experience errors that they are not able to resolve, causing them to become unresponsive. Rebooting the device should fix the problem. To perform a reboot on a frozen Magellan 5120-LMTX receiver, slide and hold the power switch to the off position for 10 seconds.

Faulty touch screen

If your Magellan 5120-LMTX responds to the power switch but not to touch, then the touchscreen may need to be replaced.

Faulty motherboard

If you notice that your Magellan 5120-LMTX is frequently crashing and you are sure you’re running the latest software you may need to replace the motherboard.

Battery won’t hold a charge

Your battery drains quickly when in use.

Power adapter not plugged in properly

Ensure that power adapter is plugged in securely to the both the vehicle and your Magellan 5120-LMTX.

Power adapter broken

If the tip of your power adapter is bent or missing any pins your device may charge slowly or intermittently. Visually inspect the device end of your power adapter, ensuring the tip is straight and that there is no visible damage. If you have another device available, attempt to charge another device with the power adapter. If it is faulty, replace the power adapter.

Battery faulty

If your Magellan 5120-LMTX receiver quickly loses its battery power, it may be time to replace the battery unit. Refer to this guide.

Charging port faulty

If the adapter cable is working properly and the battery is holding a charge, it is possible that your Magellan 5120-LMTX has a faulty charging port. The charging port itself can be replaced by someone with experience soldering, but this problem can also be addressed by replacing the motherboard using this guide.

Device won’t power on

You slide the power button to turn the device on, but nothing happens.

Battery has no charge

The first thing to do when your device won’t power on is to make sure the battery is not drained. Connect your Magellan 5120-LMTX to the charger and charge the battery for about 20 minutes.

Power switch is faulty

If your Magellan 5120-LMTX does not respond to the power switch or the power switch spring has broken you can replace it.

Battery is faulty

If your Magellan 5120-LMTX receiver will not turn on unless it is connected to its charger, that is an indication that the battery needs to be replaced.

No audio or audio is distorted

You have trouble listening to sound on your device.

Sound is muted

If you are not hearing any sound from your Magellan 5120-LMTX it is possible that your sound is set to off. To turn sound on go to the Main Menu. From there tap on the Settings icon. Next, tap on Sound. From there, make sure that the device is not muted and that the volume is up.

Voice guidance is disabled

If your device is not muted but you still can't hear any audio coming from your

device's speakers, it is possible that voice guidance is disabled. Follow your user manual to check this and enable voice guidance if necessary.

Faulty speaker

If you are experiencing distorted audio or if you have no audio at all and already attempted the previous step, you may need to replace the speaker.

Your location is not displaying or is updating slowly

Your device cannot find your location or is slow to update your location as you move.

Device is communicating with the wrong satellites

Particularly if you have recently traveled long distances, your GPS position may need to be reset. Follow the instructions in your device's user manual to manually reset the GPS position.

Device software is out of date

If your map fails to update your device may not be running the latest software. To update your software, use your MagellanGPS account to log into SmartGPS Eco. Use a USB cable to connect your device to your computer. Next, click on the Update tab. Then download any available software updates.

Make sure you do not disconnect your device until after the updates have finished installing.

Faulty antenna

If the above steps fail your device's antenna may need to be replaced.

Roadmate 5120-LMTX not updating (solved)

If you have a Roadmate 5120-LMTX that is not offering free map updates (the devices is recognized as 5120 only), contact Magellan support using the email feature on their contact page. Give them your serial number and explain the problem. They may need to update the device entry in your account to reflect the lifetime maps.

Once they correct the device setting in your account to reflect LMTX lifetime maps , update your GPS using the older Contact Manager application. Do not use the SmartGPSeco for this model.

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