No signs of life.

If your phone is not turning on, try connecting it to the charger for several minutes. If your phone isn't charging or is still not turning on, read on.

If your phone won't turn on try plugging in a different charger or battery. Also try plugging in your charger to a different outlet or USB port. Make sure the charging port on the phone is clear of debris.

Sometimes different chargers aren't compatible with the phone even though they may appear to fit. Make sure the charger you're using is manufacturer-approved.

It dies way too fast.

Access the phone menu and turn off Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth drains the battery so turning it off when not in use will help preserve battery life.

Go to display settings and set brightness and display timeout option to lowest usable level.

Disable live wallpapers and widgets. Live wallpapers are pretty and all, but in return they devour your battery life.

When all else fails replace the battery: Battery Replacement Guide

Debris can prevent the phone from opening and closing properly. Try cleaning it out.

If it's impossible to clean the phone or it still isn't opening, replace the phone slider.

Restart the phone by holding down the "end call" button until the screen goes black. Wait for a few minutes, then hold the power button down again until the screen turns on.

Check the memory storage to see if it is at or near full capacity. If it is, consider deleting large files and applications. If you want to keep the files then transfer them to your computer or buy a larger SD card if your phone has one.

If this fails, try turning your phone off and replacing the battery. Then turn your phone back on.

It didn't survive the fall!

Refer to our LCD screen replacement guide.

Emergency calls shouldn't be my only option!

Turn off the phone, remove battery cover and battery, and make sure the SIM card is connected well. Then, restart the phone.

Can you hear me now?!

Turn up the volume by pressing the "up arrow" button on the right side of the phone.

Remove your phone case and check to see if the sound improves. Sometimes phone cases are poorly made and cover up important components.

If all else fails, replace the speaker(s). See if you can distinguish which speaker is defective.

If it is the front speaker: Click here.

If it is the back speaker: Click here.

This thing won't hold all of my stuff!

Get rid of the old to make room for the new or move photos/videos to an SD card or computer.

I just can't remember.

Check to see if you have the password on record somewhere, or ask a friend or family member who has access to the phone.

If all else fails, perform a factory reset. This is your very last resort. A factory reset will delete all the data on your phone, including contacts, messages, pictures, videos, and other saves.

Refer to AT&T's Master Reset Guide.

I'm pressing as hard as I can!

Try cleaning underneath the phone keys.

Are the buttons sticky and unresponsive? Remove the keypad and clean underneath the rubber number pad.

We're losing connection.

Move to another location with a stronger signal and try again. Some areas in the country might not be covered by your provider. Look for areas with more bars.



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