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I can’t get the device to power on

Make sure that the tablet still has battery power by plugging it into its charger for at least an hour. If your tablet still wont turn on, unplug your tablet from the charger, remove the battery for 10 seconds and then place it again. A guide that will help you in replacing the battery can be found here.

If the tablet doesn't work after charging, the battery has likely gone bad. View the battery replacement guide here. Alternatively, the tablet’s contacts may not be connecting to the battery.

"I can't recharge my device, even with a new battery in it!"

Ensure that the wall socket you are using is functioning and maintains contact with the charger; some tablet power adapters will say they are being charged even if they are not receiving power through the wall socket.

If your tablet has been dropped or suffered other physical trauma, the power socket may be nonfunctional due to deformation, lose wires, or cracked circuits. View the replacement guide for the power connector here.

The screen isn't displaying properly

Ensure the tablet is on. If the screen is black but the tablet is on, it could be faulty connections to the motherboard or a malfunctioning motherboard. View the motherboard replacement guide here.

Small cracks can be repaired or at least mitigated by application of glass repair compounds and gentle rubbing, though care should be taken not put too much pressure on the screen. Unfortunately, there is very little to be done to repair large cracks. Large cracks require the display to be replaced.

No matter what I do, I can’t interact with the tablet

If you can see your clock running but the tablet is not responding to your inputs, make sure you are using the touchscreen correctly.

Use the tip of your finger - not your fingernail - and if you are using a stylus, ensure that is compatible with capacitive touchscreens.

If the tablet doesn't respond to correct inputs, your display may be malfunctioning and require replacement.

If the clock is frozen and the display is still on, your tablet has likely crashed. Hold down the power button for several seconds to force a shutdown, then turn it back on.

If the power button does not turn the device off, remove the battery for thirty seconds before re-inserting the battery.

The photos the cameras are taking are abnormally blurry or out of focus

Make sure that you are holding the tablet steady when you take a picture. Try placing the tablet on a solid surface and taking a picture to keep it steady.

Ensure that the camera lens is clean of finger marks and other marks. Wipe both lenses off with a small monitor cleaning cloth.

If your pictures have strange colors and dead pixels, your camera may be malfunctioning and will require replacement.

If the front camera is malfunctioning, you will have to replace the display assembly.

If your sound is on but you cannot hear anything, your speakers may be broken.

If the tablet has been dropped, the speaker’s connections may have been jarred loose. Luckily, replacement is a simple re-attachment, which is shown here.

If the speaker’s connections are still attached but the speaker is not working, it will require replacement, shown here.

"If your headphones are silent or produce distorted noise, your headphone jack may be broken."

Ensure that the headphones are working by plugging them into a different device, such as a laptop. Also, try turning the headphone's jack within the tablet's headphone port; old headphones may only be able to make contact with the connector at certain angles.

If you have dropped the tablet, the headphone port may have been dented, preventing it from making contact with the headphones's connector. Extreme deformation will require replacement of the headphone jack circuit board, which is explained here

I cannot connect to any wireless signals

You may have inadvertently disabled your wireless receiver or enabled airplane mode. Open your tablet’s settings and ensure that WiFi and Wireless is enabled, and that Airplane Mode is off.

If you can’t find any signals (in an area with known signals) or cannot connect to detected signals, your wireless receiver may be malfunctioning. To fix this, you will have to replace the motherboard, which is shown in [無効なガイドリンク]



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