HP Photosmart c3180 Troubleshooting

Paper Jams ¶ 

Chronic feeding problems or jams

General Solutions ¶ 

There is a simple 13 minute video giving the steps to fix a paper jam that can be found here. HP also has a step by step guide here.

Damaged or Dirty Feed Rollers ¶ 

Damaged or dirty feed rollers can draw paper into the printer unevenly and cause jams. For instructions on cleaning or replacing the feed rollers click here.

Dirty/Poor Quality Prints ¶ 

Printed images are smeared, lined, or misaligned.

Dirty/Damaged Ink Cartridge Track ¶ 

If the printer prints poor quality prints than your ink cartridge track, which holds your ink cartridges as they slide, may be dirty or damaged. There are instructions on cleaning the cartridge rod here. If your still experiencing trouble after you cleaned the track instruction on replacing your ink cartridge track can be found here.

Faulty Encoding Strip ¶ 

If the printer prints misaligned images or does not print anything, the Encoding Strip could be to blame. For instructions on replacing your encoding strip click here.

Poor Scans/Copies ¶ 

Copies and scans look hazy or grainy

Dirty Scanner Glass/Lid Backing ¶ 

Dirty scanner glass or lid backing can cause smudging and spotting.There is a simple 4 step process in cleaning the scanner glass and 6 step process in cleaning the lid backing here.

Replacing Broken Scanner Glass ¶ 

If your scanner glass is scratched or needs replacing, follow the instructions here.

Broken Scanner Bulb ¶ 

A broken scanner lamp can either result in an error message on your printer or a scan of nothing. You should be able to see light when when you scan or copy a page. For instructions on replacing your scanner lamp click here.

Unresponsive Printer ¶ 

Faulty Control Panel Circuit Board ¶ 

A faulty control panel circuit can lead to the printer not responding when the buttons on the top panel are pressed. For instructions on replacing your control panel circuit click here.

Damaged Driver Motor ¶ 

If the printer ink cartridges don't move or move to the wrong positions while printing then the driver motor may by damaged. For instructions on replacing you driver motor click here.

Faulty Main Circuit Board ¶ 

A faulty main circuit board can lead to many problems with the printer from being unresponsive to having poor quality prints or scans. This should be the last component to replace. For instructions on replacing you logic board click here.

Hello at Ifixit. Great exposé on fixing this printer, the HP C3180. Though no solution offered on how to a fix feed problem, I had it all apart, thank you, cleaned the feed rollers, sanded off the glazing on all of them and still it will only feed on sheet at the time. Would you have a solution to this ? Thanks a mega. handcuff36@gmail.com

handcuff36 - 返信

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cassandrastone23 - 返信

Hi, my coloured ink is low and my black is almost full but when I print, only blank pages come out.

Dwane Peterson - 返信


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