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LEDs do not light up.

The power switch may be in the "OFF" position. Try moving the switch to all three positions. From left to right, the power options should be "LOW POWER," "OFF," and "HIGH POWER."

The Power Switch may eventually break or become obstructed. If this happens, you will need to open up the device to either replace the switch or clear the obstruction.

*refer to Power Switch Replacement for guidance*

The Fosera Scandle 200 uses a rechargeable Lithium ion battery to store electricity. Connecting the device to the included solar panel and allowing sunlight to be absorbed for 2-3 hours should be sufficient to replenish the charge. The battery may not be able to hold a charge any longer.

*refer to Battery Replacement for guidance*

The LEDs dim, or connected devices do not charge quickly.

Extensive use will drain the battery. When the battery gets low, plug in the solar panel charger and make sure it is under direct sunlight. 2-3 hours of charging should restore the battery to full charge.

The device you are charging may require a large amount of power to charge at normal speeds. The output voltage and current from the Scandle 200 are conditioned to a particular value by the included adapters and integrated circuitry. If these values are not suitable for your device, charging will be delayed. Try charging the battery of the device for an extended amount of time.

Devices connected to the charging outlet on the Fosera Scandle 200 do not show signs of charging.

Check that cables are properly secured at all connections. Unplug the adapter from the connected device, and remove the opposite end from the Fosera Scandle 200. Look for any defects in the cables. If the cables do not seem to be compromised, try to reconnect the device to the Fosera Scandle 200. One or both of the terminals may be damaged.

*refer to the Terminal Replacement for guidance*

The Fosera Scandle 200 comes with 4 different charging adapters for different types of devices. Some of these adapters share a similar shape, so even if the adapter fits into your device it may not be the correct one. Try using a different adapter, but keep in mind that the one for your device may not be included. Never try to force an adapter to fit into a charging port.

The Fosera Scandle 200 should not retain excessive heat under normal operating conditions. Excessive heat coming off of the device is a sign of electrical problems.

Like all electronic equipment this device may heat up if its used for an extended amount of time. If the device is hot to the touch then power it down, and put it in a safe spot to cool down.

The solar panel may retain some heat after being left in direct sunlight, however, all other components should not. If it is especially hot outside, you may want to place the lantern unit in the shade or under cover.

Is the unit plugged in? Make sure the charging cord is completely connected to the correct port of the Fosera Scandle 200. Check to make sure terminals are clear from debris and are making contact to the male adapter from the charging cord. Also look for any crimped wires or broken connections at the main terminals such as battery connections, toggle switch connections, and ground connections. The solar panel may be damaged.

*refer to the Solar Panel Replacement for guidance*

The lantern and charging features work while the included solar panel is connected, but upon disconnecting the device, power is very quickly drained.

After a great number of charge cycles the rechargeable Lithium ion battery may show a dramatically reduced capacity. When this happens, the device will consume the small amount of power stored in the battery much faster than ordinary. Batteries which will no longer charge will need to be replaced.

*Refer to Battery Replacement for guidance*



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