Craftsman Model 315.10721 Troubleshooting

The saw won't turn on ¶ 

When plugged into a working outlet the saw won’t move when the trigger is pulled.

The powercord is broken ¶ 

If the cord is cut or frayed, it will need to be immediately replaced due to electrical hazards. Disassemble the handle and make sure the ends of the power cord aren't frayed or disconnected. If they are not frayed or disconnected, then use a voltmeter to ensure the cord is still conducting; if not, consult the powercord replacement guide.

The saw blade is cutting too slow or not at all ¶ 

When attempting to make a cut, the blade is unable to cut the material as intended or in a timely matter.

The blade is broken ¶ 

Take a closer look at the scroller blade. If it has dulled or flattened out, please consult the blade replacement guide.

The saw will not pivot ¶ 

When making a cut, the saw will not pivot and it will only cut in a straight line

The saw is in locked position ¶ 

There is a possibility the saw is accidentally locked in the 90 degree cut position. For scroll cutting, the lock must be in the unlocked position for free rotation of saw bar. If the lock seems to stick, move the swivel knob from side to side to free the lock. Use sufficient forward pressure to permit the blade to cut freely and follow the scribed line with gentle rotation of swivel knob.

The blade bounces while cutting ¶ 

When making a cut, the blade does not cut smoothly through the material and seems to bounce up and down.

The saw blade is not properly attached ¶ 

Tighten the blade screws on each side where the blade attaches to the saw, and make sure the blade is fully inserted into saw.

If blade is properly attached and is still bouncing, the blade is dull. You will need to replace the blade; please consult the blade replacement guide.

The saw trigger is sticking ¶ 

When pressure is applied to the trigger, the trigger either sticks in the depressed position, or the trigger does not move when pulled.

The trigger has debris caught in it ¶ 

Check around the trigger and the trigger area for any dirt or debris that may be preventing the trigger from being depressed.

The trigger is broken ¶ 

If there is not debris or dirt causing the trigger to not function properly, please consult the switch replacement guide.



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