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Cr-48 Chromebook Troubleshooting

Cr-48 won't power on

I'm hitting the power button but my Chromebook won't turn on.

Dead Battery

Most likely what you have a dead battery. You can test this by removing your battery and plugging in your A/C Adapter (power cord) to the chromebook. If you can turn on the chromebook, then you know that the battery is dead and needs to recharge. Just put the battery back in and let it charge back up. 24 hours is a good amount of time to allow the battery to regain full charge.

My Cr-48 isn't charging

I've been charging my chromebook, but the power doesn't last when I unplug it.

Fiddle with the A/C Adapter and Cr-48 power socket

This sounds like a ridiculous solution I know, but let me explain. When the Cr-48 first came out, Google's priority was testing out the software rather than the hardware. As a result there are a few hardware bugs in the original model. One such bug is that the A/C adapter and the battery don't always link up and charge your chromebook. There is no permanent fix, but the Google Support Site has excellent directions for a workaround for this issue that we've reworded below:

1. Remove the power adapter and battery from the Chromebook.

2. Re-attach the battery to the Chomebook, and make sure your adapter is

plugged into a live outlet.

3. When plugging the adapter into the Chromebook, see if orange charging light

next to the power port turns on.

4. If the light is not on, unplug the adapter and plug it back in, This may need to

be repeated 6 - 12 times in two second intervals (two seconds plugged in,

two seconds unplugged).

5. Once the charging light stays on, leave it charging for 24 hours so it is

completely charged.

Just remember this is not a permanent, one time fix. You'll likely have to do this any time your chomebook battery is completely depleted.

A/C Adapter is Damaged

If you removed the battery and plugged in your A/C adapter only to find that your chromebook doesn't turn on, then you likely need to replace your A/C Adapter. Check out this list of compatible replacement parts to find an A/C adapter that will work with your Cr-48.

Black Screen

I turned on my chromebook, but the screen is pitch black.

LCD Backlight Cable is Loose

If you know your Cr-48 is on but the screen is black, the culprit is likely to be a loose LCD backlight cable inside the Cr-48. Follow our instructions on opening up the device. From there follow these directions to reseat the LCD backlight

LCD Screen is Burned out

If the backlight cable was not the issue, then LCD screen may be burned out, and needs to be replaced. You can find a replacement screen here on this list of compatible replacement parts.

Cr-48 Won't boot up

You turn on your computer to find that the operating system won't boot up. You may see the screen frozen on the Chrome OS logo, or an error message stating the Chrome OS is missing or damaged.

Restart Your Computer

It might sound silly, but sometimes all you need to do is turn the computer off then on again. It's an easy, quick fix you can try before doing anything drastic. Just press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down, then turn it back on.

Restore your Chromebook

If restarting the computer didn't work, you may have to perform a system restore on your chromebook to get it up and running again.

To start, shut down the chromebook, and find the small pinhole on the bottom of your Cr-48. Use a paper clip to press this button while simultaneously turning on the computer. This will boot up the recovery mode. From there you can follow these directions to Restore your Chromebook

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

My Wi-Fi connection will be strong one moment, then suddenly lose the signal.

Network Down

The network itself may be responsible for your connectivity issues rather than your chromebook. If you have other wireless devices, test their connection to the network. If this is the issue you can try restarting your modem or router or contacting your internet service provider.

Reseat/Replace Wireless Card

If other devices are working fine on your network, then the wireless card in the chromebook may have worked itself loose or become damaged. Follow this guide to Replace the wireless card to fix this issue.



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