In the age of Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy tablets, Samsung adds a Galaxy Watch to its mobile Universe. There was already some gear floating in space, forming a belt around the Samsung sun, but a few months ago, this new celestial body has emerged. Today we’ll go where no tinkerer has gone before, and probe the depths of this timepiece with a teardown. Everyone, ahead full, sensors ready—and set weapons to Dismantle.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown, Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 1、 1の画像 1
    • Our initial telemetry of the Galaxy Watch brings up:

    • 1.3” (33 mm) circular Super AMOLED with 360 × 360 display (1.2" / 30 mm on the smaller 42 mm version)

    • Dual-core, 1.15 GHz Exynos 9110 processor

    • 1.5 GB RAM + 4 GB internal memory (768 MB RAM for the Bluetooth version)

    • Wireless charging and 5 ATM water resistance with IP68 rating

    • 472 mAh battery (270 mAh for the 42 mm version)

  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 2、 2の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 2、 2の画像 2
    • A quick orbital survey reveals twin mechanical buttons on one side of the watch, with a small wormhole for the microphone.

    • On the far side, we spot three more holes for the loudspeaker. There's also a heart rate sensor cluster at the bottom.

    • There seems to be an additional small opening on the rear face, possibly for a proximity sensor or pressure valve.

    That little plastic part came off can I use crazy glue and put it back on

    erikfeinberg380 - 返信

  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 3、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 3、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 3、 3の画像 3
    • This Galaxy’s official designation is SM-R805F.

    • The standardized 22 mm arms of this galaxy are rather easy to detach from the center …

    • … and reveal access to a five-pin port at the lower end of the centerpiece.

    • Is that a USB+1 for emergency wired charging and service?

    The five-pin port is a remnant of the original Gear S, which used the same 5-pin setup for charging and USB connection. In fact, with a little bit of modifications (mainly filing away a bit of the plastic), the Gear S’ charger dock’s PCB can be used to establish USB connection with the watch for recovery purposes. Samsung uses a custom made tool in repair shops for diagnostics.

    Jozsef Kiraly - 返信

    Thanks Joszef for the additional info on the Gear S’ charging dock. Very intriguing.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    • Equipped with our aluminum Precision Bit Driver with swivel cap, we tackle the vortex-shaped tri-point screws.

    • These screws seem to be attracted by three magnetic fields that handle docking to the wireless charging stand.

    • But we are not distracted by that common fundamental interaction and crack open the watch core with a little stronger force.

    • The Galaxy Watch is rated IP68 and therefore offers some resistance—but we know this is futile.

    The Galaxy Watch is rated for 5ATM (5 Times the Atmosphere Pressure) so 50m as the Pressure increases 1 ATM per 10 Meters under water.

    Thilo Jäggi - 返信

    I lost the bottom screw. could anyone share specification for them?

    Ashok Kumar P - 返信

    You might want to have a look here: Galaxy Watchの開口方法

    Tobias Isakeit -

    Is their any thread locker used on the screws if so what colour???

    Jonny Engleby - 返信

    is the screwdriver Y00 or Y000?

    Ernest Honigmann - 返信

    Tri-point #00 screws (4.2 mm length) as mentioned in the Opening Procedure guide

    Tobias Isakeit -

  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 5、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 5、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 5、 3の画像 3
    • Expecting a booby trap, we're surprised by the generously long ribbon cable connecting the heart rate sensor back to the internals.

    • The blue rubber seal around the Galaxy's edge might need replacing before reassembly if damaged, but there's no glue so far—we like that.

    • Speaking of sealing: We also spot rubber gaskets for the microphone, ambient light sensor, and pressure sensor.

    You have put together a great guide here. Nevertheless, I still have a question ... Can I replace the Micro without any problems? How do I have to proceed? Best regards, Stefan

    Stefan Fißmer - 返信

    Where I can get - The blue rubber seal? What is the size?

    Emir Web - 返信

    donde consigo la junta azul y las otras tres de los sensores?

    Javi aranburu - 返信

  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 6、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 6、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 6、 3の画像 3
    • After disconnecting the display, this nucleus separates nicely into a few smaller elements. Encouragingly, there is still no sign of that fifth fundamental force: glue.

    • The display’s flex cable carpet carries the ambient light sensor, which peeps through a small hole in the display to gaze at the outside world.

    • Ripping the cable carpet away like we did will most likely damage the display. If you plan on exploring your own Galaxy, be warned, and keep an eye out for our official guides.

  6. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 7、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 7、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 7、 3の画像 3
    • Although the display is circular, it is not spherical—which seems to support the controversial "flat display theory." With foldable displays coming in the near future though, this theory may soon be disproved for good.

    • The Super AMOLED display on our 46 mm version has a diameter of 1.3" (33 mm). The vertical and horizontal max resolution is 360 pixels.

    • We spot a chip with the markings S88YA1YF1X01 (most likely Samsung's AMOLED driver)

    • ... and the ambient light sensor with its peep hole.

    May I know the partname of ambient light sensor and vendor name?

    dennyjung - 返信

  7. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 8、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 8、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 8、 3の画像 3
    • The gravitational computational center of the galaxy looks like a little flat bug’s head, with its two button cables as antennae.

    • There's not much else to show on this side, save for two flat monolith-ish blocks of resin—similar to the one in the Apple Watch Series 4.


    Can you show how you separated the two "bug" connectors on the motherboard from the lower portion?


    Tony Fernandez - 返信

  8. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 9、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 9、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 9、 3の画像 3
    • The other side though has a bit more to offer:

    • Samsung Exynos 9110 SoC (dual-core, 1.15 GHz)

    • NXP Semiconductor PN80T NFC controller w/ secure element

    • Broadcom BCM430131 WiFi/BT chip and BCM47758 GPS/GLONASS w/ sensor hub chip

    • Skyworks SKY77651-21 and SKY77652-11 multimode/multiband power amplifier modules for 3G/LTE

    • Samsung Shannon 910 envelope tracker (likely)

    • STMicroelectronics LPS22HH barometric pressure sensor

    • ST Micro ST33G1M2 32-bit ARM® SecurCore® SC300 (secure element)

  9. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 10、 1の画像 1
    • ... and even more ID:

    • Renesas (Formerly IDT) P9222S wireless power receiver

    • STMicroelectronics LSM6DS3 3-axis accelerometer/gyroscope (likely)

    • NXP Semiconductor BGU8309 GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/COMPASS low noise amplifier

    • Goertek MEMS microphone

  10. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 11、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 11、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 11、 3の画像 3
    • Structural integrity is provided by a midframe, which also houses the power source that makes this galaxy spin.

    • With the push of a finger, we can pop out the 3.85 V battery with its 472 mAh offering 1.81 Wh.

    • That means this Galaxy surpasses the 1.47 Wh of the Gear S3 (380 mAh @ 3.85 V) and the 1.113 Wh of the Apple Watch Series 4 (291.8 mAh @ 3.81 V).

    • We return to the back cover in search of satellite components. Equipped with a halberd spudger, we probe the heart rate sensor and the wireless charging coil.

    • The four photo cells of the heart rate sensor are gathered around the light source in the middle.

    • On board is a single Texas Instruments SN1712025 ultra-small, integrated AFE (analog front end) heart rate sensor chip

    Isn’ that supposed to be the antenna/coil for wireless charging instead (and not for NFC)?

    Speculating that the NFC antenna should be somewhere on the top side…

    Wanderfalke - 返信

    Hi Wanderfalke, you’re probably right. Those coils are most of the time dual function (NFC/charge). But in this case, it is more likely that it is just the charging coil. I’ve corrected it in the step. The NFC is more likely on the motherboard (probably the coil located near the barometric sensor). Thanks for your pointer.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    Hi, Could you please explain the procedure to pull and replace heart rate sensor. Thanks in advance.

    Pala Gill - 返信

  11. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 13、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 13、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 13、 3の画像 3
    • The last parts to come out of the back cover are the service port and the loudspeaker, held fast by two Phillips screws, with a rubber gasket for ingress protection.

    • From the midframe, we extract an ordinary vibration motor and a hall sensor array, which we set aside to investigate later with the rotating bezel.

    In picture 3, what part is in the lower right hand corner? I was disassembling mine and the cable broke. Do you have any idea where I can purchase parts for my smartwatch? I’m also in need of a new screen/digitizer and the back sensor glass is also busted.

    Brandon Perritt - 返信

    Hi Brandon, the part in question is the hall sensor assembly which is explained later in this teardown. Unfortunately, we don’t have any parts for the Galaxy Watch, yet. There is a link in one of the comments in the next step for a possible parts source.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    • This galaxy has its own outer ring, and we are eager to lift it free. An opening pick helps us push the ring out of its orbit.

    • What comes to light is a separate plastic ring and four metal ball bearings.

    • Each of the bearings sits on a spring recessed in the aluminum casing, generating a snappy lock when the bezel is turned and the bearing constellation aligns with the grooves in the bezel.

    This black scaled ring should be made of hard plastic ?

    Is there no possibility of seepage at all here ?


    Planck - 返信

    Hi Planck, yes the black scaled ring is made of a hard plastic. The ring mechanism is not connected to the inside of the watch, so no seepage is possible. It sits on top of the aluminum casing and the sensor reading the movement is on the inside.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    What are the 4 black oval “stickers" on the case? I have had my watch for about 2 months and 2 of them have actually come out as i rotated the bezel. Do the actually do anything?

    Joshua Booms - 返信

    There is nothing underneath those elongated/oval black sticker. I checked all four of them and can’t see any reason why your watch should not keep working as it did. All should be fine.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    Hi Tobias, please tell me when removing the rotating bezel for cleaning.. thing I did yesterday.. is anything affected or does anything changes regarding the 5ATM water proofing? Thanks.

    Jacouille - 返信

    Hi Jacouille, since the bezel is on the outside removing (and re-applying) it should not affect water resistance of the watch.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    How can I get a replacement glass?

    Laurie Sherman - 返信

    When putting it back together, you should put the white ring first into the black one. Then you can gently push the it back into place.

    sam_goossens - 返信

    Do you know where can I find the bearing replacement??? One bounce out of my mat and I can't find it

    Jo Godoy - 返信

    You can order from www.rounded.com

    I ordered from them both rotating bezel and gasket ring.

    Hashan Munasinghe -

    Hi were can I buy the plastic ring and four metal ball bearings.

    elshadia_77 - 返信

    Where can i buy that shell

    Carlos Luciano - 返信

    Where can I buy a replacement bezel ring?

    Peter Muller - 返信

    The gasket (white plastic ring) is not flat. It has some embossements perpendicular on the plane of the ring. Does anyone know, or can check 2hether these embossements should face upwards or downwards ?

    Many thanks

    Raymond Schoeman - 返信

    Those face downwards.

    For re-assembly you might want to try to put the white bezel in the metal ring (mind the reversed orientation then—embossed parts looking towards you). Make sure it sits snug on the inside so that the ends of the white plastic bezel have some space between them. Then place the ring onto the watch and press it down with your palm.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    Where I can get that plastic ring?? I had an accident and the metal ring is fine the rest of my watch too but I loose that part??

    rafael rivera - 返信

  12. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 15、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 15、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 15、 3の画像 3
    • To read the turning of the bezel, the Galaxy Watch uses a different approach than the optical encoder of the Apple Watch.

    • There are three hall sensors (Seiko Instruments) on the small PCB, at the same distance from each other as the grooves on the bezel.

    • And every third groove has a small magnet inside.

    • When the bezel is turned, two of the three sensors read a change in their magnetic field (either on/off or off/on). The third sensor does not read a change. With this method, it can be clearly determined in which direction the bezel is rotated.

    So it’s possible to remove the bezel without opening the watch?

    prhone - 返信

    Basically yes, you can get the rotating bezel off without opening the watch. Don’t lose the small ball bearings or springs. Also, it’s a bit of fiddling to get the white plastic ring back in place.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    So bezel can be removed great but what about the 3 hall sensors? Where are they?

    Jacouille - 返信

    The hall sensors sit on the plastic mid frame. You can spot them on the bottom right of the first picture in step 8.

    Tobias Isakeit - 返信

    Do you know the type of hall sensor?

    aschaudt - 返信

    Hi aschaudt, the markings on the sensors say “6WN”. Not sure if this helps you anything. These are hall switches (not linear hall sensors) and just tell on or off (digital sensor).

    Tobias Isakeit -

    What size of small magnet?

    Ling - 返信

    I don’t have it at hand right now, but should be <1mm in diameter, height=?

    I guess the bezel can be acquired separately on the internet.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    There are several missing magnets, try to get 1mm dia. x 1mm thk fix it.

    Ling -

    Gdzie kupię głośnika ??

    Krystian Klimek - 返信

    Czy jest problem z wymianą głośnika? I gdzie można go kupić

    Krystian Klimek - 返信

    Hi Tobias, I tried to make the bezel smoother by washing it under water. Now my watch does not recognise bezel movement. I tried removing and refitting bezel, but to no avail. Did I damage the halls sensors by washing it in water? Stuck now! Thanks

    Prateek Singh - 返信

  13. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 16、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 16、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 16、 3の画像 3
    • What happens when this man-made galaxy stops spinning? It gets recharged of course.

    • And its charger shall not remain a mystery. Again we grab our precision bit driver, and go for a spin ourselves.

    • This one won't give away its secrets that easily, so we have to bring out our thermally-enhanced particle accelerator (also known as an ordinary heat gun).

    • Eventually we succeed with strong (hand) force and the use of a pair of flat needle nose pliers ...

    • ... which lays bare the charging coil with its ~14 windings (front and back).

  14. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 18、 3の画像 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 18、 3の画像 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 18、 3の画像 3
    • A small warship PCB lifts off from the charger, and it's carrying some new silicon:

    • Renesas (Formerly IDT) P9235A-16NDGI wireless power transmitter with a 32 bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor

    • Micro USB for power supply

    • Not four, not five, but one LED light on the tail.

    • This charger's layout could be similar to the Gear S3 charging dock, which provides 700 mA of output current at 5 V.

    Any idea about how the watch knows when it’s not on an official charger? I want to say a hall sensor seeing as they already have the magnets there.

    Charlie Frake - 返信

    Hi Charlie, I doubt that a hall sensor can in some way recognize the charger. If the watch and charger are NFC compatible it may work this way. But maybe it is just a minor difference in geometry/layout/design of the charger/watch. Did you experience any problems between models/chargers? If yes, which ones?

    Tobias Isakeit -

    My Galaxy watch (46mm) is on a 3rd party charger every night. No problems, or not even a notice telling me that it isn’t a Samsung charger.

    Dano C. - 返信

    Could you say which 3rd party charger you have ? I've tried at least 4 I had laying around and none have worked this far .

    Brett H -

  15. Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown: 手順 19、 1の画像 1
    • All the pieces of this Galaxy are now spread across the sky table.

    • Our galactic journey ends here. The space-time continuum remains stable and we filled our explorational void with a little knowledge and insight.

    • So stay tuned for future teardowns, and remain curious.

    Muy explicativo, soy relojero de la vieja escuela, mecánicos y de Quartz, está fácil, pero donde se consiguen las partes para remplazarlas, quien las vende

    Pablo Pineda - 返信

  16. まとめ
    • Display repair is prioritized.
    • No overlapping design of cables, no fragile ZIF connectors.
    • Despite the water-resistant construction, the opening procedure is straightforward and glueless (though it requires an uncommon tri-point driver).
    • The battery only uses mild adhesive, but the motherboard must be removed for access.
    • A lot of components are modular and can be replaced separately—except for the frequently-used twin button cables, which are soldered to the motherboard.
    • The glass digitizer and screen are fused together—meaning a full replacement will be quick and easy, but glass-only repairs will be impractical.

40 件のコメント


How about the removal of the bezel for cleaning? Is it easy? It is like the gear s3?


Jacouille - 返信

Is there anyway for me to order the spring and barring that goes under the bezel?

kristin_marie86 - 返信

Did you manage to get the parts, I need the same bits for my bezel. Thanks

steve -

In step 12, 3rd pic, there is a speaker..can i get the information of where to get that speaker part??

Monika Verma - 返信

Same question as posted earlier around sourcing the bezel bearings, springs and gasket. Any thoughts?

Richard Davis - 返信

My bazel ring got scratched.from where can i get a new bazel ring?

Khurshid Rasheed - 返信

The sensor cover on the bottom of the watch keeps falling off, especially if I wear it on a hot day. The adhesive seems to soften, and it slides off. I don't see this part listed in your tear down. I need to replace this part. Any thoughts?

Karl Marmaduke - 返信

Where can I get the watch parts new?

crazymon01 - 返信

Where can I find a watch face replacement?

deanna brents - 返信

what about the glass protecting the sensors. its cracked on my unit and i dont know how to fix it or if its even fixible and if it is is it expensive.

please email me the answer at helmadam61@gmail.com

Logic - 返信

my watch battery dies very fast

markknight0815 - 返信

Where might I be able to purchase the internal wireless charging coil for a sm-r800 46 mm smartwatch?

Thank you

David Goldstein - 返信

galaxy watch sm-r500 , da ist das Glas gesprungen, kann man das auch “so leicht” wechseln ? Woher bekomme ich solch ein Glas ? Danke


naumato - 返信

does anyone know how much getting a scratched screen would cost to replace ?

darren.m.levy - 返信

My galaxy 46 mm watch speaker not working where can I get part or get replacement?

Bharat Bhushan - 返信

You might want to post your video on the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 device page (make a teardown-guide) and delete it from this device, please.

Tobias Isakeit -

Does anyone know the what the part is called with the numbers on it and where I can get it?

Max Quiroz - 返信

What type of barometric sensor is it? Is it possible to order and replace it by ourself? Mine is broken, and Samsung service center recommend me to replace entire motherboard which cost me $100.

noery_d - 返信

Is it possible to change the inner bezel? Where i can find it?

Alberto - 返信

Me podríais decir el modelo del conector del sensor del pulsómetro que está en la placa, donde se conecta dicho sensor, se me rompió y voy a intentar soldar uno nuevo. Gracias, impresionante despiece jeje

Ricardo Vereda - 返信

Do you sell the battery for Samsung gear S2 watch?

I bought and replaced one I purchased from amazon but its useless. By the 3rd day it wouldnt even charge enough to turn on.

Fernando White - 返信

The rear glass disc cover of the sensor on my Samsung Active 2 has come off . Everything works still and it charges, it that an easy fix?

Thank you

Betsy Nichols - 返信

How to assemble new button connectors?

paulviji - 返信

How to assemble new button connector

kimberlyhibbs53 - 返信

Did you do the active 2 4g model as there is a hidden camera I believe

Andrew Harris - 返信

I found this camera by accident when I bought the watch I would like a different view as Samsung say there isn't one but I believe there is

Andrew Harris - 返信

Can i order part for back button?

bugimabebi - 返信

where can I purchase the case gasket the one blue that goes between the case and the bottom

Miguel Vera - 返信

I just can’t find a place where they sell the bottom gasket mine it was meltled ,useless and no longer waterproof I think.

can’t belive I search everywhere and just can’t find it. I apreciate you’r input.

Miguel Vera - 返信

If you can’t find an original gasket you might want to think about using some “liquid gasket” to apply it. Be careful not to use too much so it doesn’t spill into the watch and onto other components.

Tobias Isakeit -

Hola, se me perdío el anillo de plástico podría comprarlo ?

Marta M - 返信

Can upgrade samsung galaxy 46mm bluetooth version to Lte esim version

Oommen C V - 返信

how can i remove that inner bezel

Md NoMaN OmEr - 返信

Buenos dias

Alguien me podria decir si en el samsung galaxy sm-r810 para cambiar solo el anillo del bisel hace falta abrir el reloj o se puede cambiar desde fuera

Ruben Vazquez Mendez - 返信

Alguien me podria decir si en el samsung galaxy watch de 42mm sm-r810 para cambiar el anillo del bisel hay que desmontar todo el reloj o sale desde fuera y se coloca desde fuera

Ruben Vazquez Mendez - 返信

Básicamente sí, puedes sacar el bisel giratorio sin abrir el reloj. No pierdas los pequeños rodamientos de bolas ni los muelles. Además, es un poco mañoso para conseguir que el anillo de plástico blanco se vuelva a colocar en su lugar.

Mariana Roca -

Someone should make a charger that can be worn within the band and that plugs into a long sleeve shirt with USB C rigged with small solar panel cells in a tartan pattern :)

Scott Widmann - 返信

can i just order a bezel. Mine is broken for a galaxy 3

ncrouch1932 - 返信



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