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Which are the damage parts of my Mac

Just a few days ago my sister spilled a tea drink on my MacBook Air 11" Late 2010, I don´t know how to identify which are the parts that I need to replace, or if it's better to sell the parts of it, what can I do?. After she spilled this liquid the computer worked like one complete week with no issues, then one day it didn't turn on anymore.

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First, take the computer apart and clean the board(s) with a ultrasonic cleaner or rubbing alcohol. If you have an ultrasonic cleaner and know how to use it, then that's the way to do it. The toothbrush works, sort of. In order to open the Mac, you'll need the Pentalobe screwdriver. You can find these in the iFixit 54 bit driver kit, or online. Just be aware buying the ones on eBay and Amazon that they're probably junk. I'd get the 54 bit driver kit and use that.

Once you open this machine up, clean the boards up to start. Once you do this, let them sit under a window for several hours. If you can wait 24 hours, then do so. Replace the battery too. Many times this will suffer too, and it fails in short order. Change it while you're in the computer.

You can probably leave the other parts untouched. It might be a good idea to clean the cables though. Here's the guides on how to take the computer apart. I'd also read the Electronics water damage Wiki, too.


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Take it apart and look for the LSI (liquid submersion indicators. They are white dots and turn red when exposed to liquid. If you're lucky, it didn't get to the logic board and all you will need to do is replace the upper case.


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open the bottom case to check the damage to logic board and battery. took out the logic board and clean it properly . then w8 for to dry the board or heat up to dry vastly. then try to power up . it still same then have to change the logic board then it may be expensive to change this . try it on the ebay and check with local repair shops. otherwise dismantle it and sell it on the ebay will get the more money on ebay thnx


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