Can I just buy L2 bracket, instead of whole assembly?

The L2 button functions by a small hammer part on the bracket striking some sort of sensor plate. It looks like I was pressing too hard, because the hammer snapped off mine, rendering the entire L2 button useless. Everything is still functional in terms of electronics, but it's too fragile a piece to fix without it breaking again almost immediately.

I'm between jobs right now, so I really don't want to have to pay £25 for the entire L2 assembly and postage when all I need is a small piece of plastic that would cost less than a penny to manufacture.

If I had access to a 3D printer I would just print one, but since I don't, is there somewhere I can get one without having to pay multiple thousands of times the material cost?

The part number for the bracket is 3IF7AHA0000 I believe. The ifixit item "buy now" link goes to a 404.

Any honest advice someone can offer is appreciated, thanks 👍

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