Why won’t my Parry deep fryer ignite

Could some one explain why it is my parry fryer won’t ignite. I can see that the spark is there but won’t light

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Hi @curtisgilbert,

What is the model number of the deep fryer?

You said that it doesn't ignite. This suggests that it may be a gas powered fryer, is this correct?

If so have you checked that the gas supply/connection to the fryer is OK? Can you smell gas when the fryer is trying to ignite?


Hi jayeff, I know that it is a parry brand single basket standing gas fryer. I can’t smell any gas coming from it and i have checked there is gas in the canister and that the valves are in the correct position and i still have nothing. Is there another point I should be checking for the gas flow?



The model number should on the fryer somewhere.

With gas appliances assuming that they have electric ignition to ignite the gas, if there's no power then the gas solenoid valve in the appliance won't open as the gas can't be ignited but without knowing the model number it is hard to know