How do I fix a steam deck clicking but unresponsive power button?

Hello everyone!

This problem happened a few days after replacing my SSD.

I did manage to do the SSD upgrade, and it made me really proud of myself since it was the first time I've done something like this. But I did do 2 mistakes.

After finishing the upgrade, the first time I turned on my steam deck I had to put a little more effort into pressing the button, but nothing significant at the moment, in the course of 5 days the amount of extra force I had to do the button grew and grew to the point that a had to put a lot a force to turn in on, and now today it won't turn on no matter how much pressure I give, and I don't want to risk breaking the button.

The button does still click though.

The mistakes I made during the upgrade:

  • While removing the screws of the shield, I accidentally removed a 4th screw, I took out a screw of the motherboard located on the bottom left; I realized my mistake when I put this screw on the screw hole on the very close right of the screw hole of the motherboard. So when I tried to put back the backplate of the steam deck the screw didn't enter since I've done the mistake previously mentioned. So I just went back and undo said mistake.
  • And the other mistake was done while taking out the old SSD. So when I was watching the SSD I just had removed, I remember that I forgotten to unplug the battery. So I then immediately disconnected the battery after taking out the old SSD.

These are the 2 big mistakes I made, and I was wondering if this could be the reason of my power button not working.

Another thing to point out is that I usually use my steam deck in a very dusty place, so the inside of my deck it's full of dust as well. So maybe this could be also the problem?

So if someone knows how to fix this I would appreciate your help!

Thank you all in advance for all the support!

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