white led is always on and blinks at approximately 1 second intervl


The video was taken from someone else who had a similar problem
The white led blinks at 1-second intervals.
When you press the power button, there is no change in LED, screen, or sound

I tried all the solutions that I could try, such as entering the bios and pressing the power button for 13 seconds, but it didn't change
I saw it when I used another charger to charge it
Also, I tried to turn on the power while charging, but only the black screen lasted

The voltage of the battery is confirmed to be normal
I think it's a problem with the main board
I can't purchase the main board, so I'm trying to replace the chipset or parts of the board with a new one

If you have any repair experience, I would appreciate it if you could leave an opinion on which chipset, part, or part would be a problem

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