Only backlight working after screen replacement

I recently cracked my LCD screen. The device worked perfectly when plugged into HDMI, but internal screen had a large crack down the left side. I purchased a replacement screen kit and followed the fixit guide. After replacement, I booted it back up to a working backlight but no display. It continued to work perfectly with HDMI output. Also at this point the backlight also stopped turning on. The screen was also getting hot without running a game, so I wondered if I misapplied the thermal paste. I opened it up again, found the display cable had come loose from the screen and reapplied the thermal paste. The backlight resumed working and the heat no longer came from the screen. Also worked with HDMI output. I have replaced the display cable with the one they provided and cleaned all of the display ports and connectors with isopropyl. It continues to have a working backlight and works perfectly with an HDMI output. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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